MarketingSpecialistProduct Marketing Specialist - Entry Level

A Marketing Specialist has a passion for advertising and marketing, and understands the importance of getting the details right. This role is about details, communication, and organization as well as the ability to roll up your sleeves to get the job done. A Marketing Specialist is expected to be proactive, resourceful, and able to juggle multiple tasks and priorities including but not limited to: 

Essential Functions

  • Execute and analyze the success of marketing campaigns and advertisements
  • Develop realistic marketing strategies, objectives, targets, and measures that drive demand
  • Collaborate cross functionally on competitor pricing, market development, selling, and field solutions
  • Participate in press meetings, product launches, and writing press releases
  • Manage marketing newsletters and use the latest technology for achieving a greater audience
  • Represent the company in corporate events, industrial meetings, trade shows, and conferences
  • Build a score system for evaluating the quality of a product and interpret customer purchasing statistics
  • Create marketing collateral such as one-pagers, PPT presentations, case studies, data sheets, pricing sheets, white papers, FAQs, feature and benefit sheets
  • Plan the launch of new products and releases and manage the cross-functional implementation of the plan for online and offline channels
  • Support sales partners with sales collateral, best practices, and training
  • Communicate the value proposition of the products to the sales team and develop the required sales tools including standardized presentations, proposals, scripts, etc. that support the selling process of our products

Essential Characteristics

  • Visionary - needs to have a vision for what you want to accomplish for the brand in the present and in the future and be able to inspire others to embrace this vision
  • Strategic Thinker - needs to have the ability execute business strategy; know the market using marketing tools
  • Customer Driven - focused on fulfilling the customers' needs; targeting the right customer is essential to a successful marketing campaign, and a top notch Marketing Specialist needs to know how to find and target that customer
  • Brand Champion - needs to have a passion for the business and brand; as an advocate for the brand, the right candidate can ensure the accuracy of all marketing messages and make sure that the vision is shared
  • Relationship Focused - Marketing isn't just planning marketing strategies and business processes; the person in this role needs to be able to garner support from business leaders in all levels of the company

What's In It For You?

  • Competitive Salary
  • Direct Deposit
  • 401K Safe Harbor Plan with company matched contributions
  • Paid Vacation & Sick/Personal Days
  • Paid Holidays
  • Training & Career Development Opportunities

Application Instructions

Please send all resumes and cover letters with salary requirements to [email protected]. E.O.E./M/F/H/V

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