Education IndustryA huge amount of paperwork must be shared among teachers, students, administrative staff, and parents on a regular basis. The education industry's top priorities are to have the information available, accessible, and always secure. They must abide by strict document security and compliance regulations. A variety of education document management solutions offered by FabSoft will automate document workflow processes involving grading and recording student records, organizing admission, registrar files, and other institutional needs.

Electronic Document Management Software for Schools

Reform 14 Base Server Solution  Reform - Educational Form Enhancement / Automatic Distribution

Reform streamlines school document management by automating document distribution and enhancing form creation / customization through the power of our WYSIWYG designer. It can generate different educational forms to provide visual enhancement and professionalism. Some example education documents that can be created include the following:

  • Admission Forms
  • Registration Forms
  • Financial Aid Forms
  • Application Forms
  • Student Records
  • Transcripts
  • Tuition Payment Invoices

Modular Object Scanning Technology(MOST) Solution MOST (Modular Object Scanning Technology) - Document Capture & Routing From Any MFP

MOST provides education institutions with the ability to print, scan, and route educational documents from a multi-function printer (MFP). With the ability to use quick keys, MOST reduces the number of keystrokes needed to perform a task and ultimately improves productivity due to the simplicity it introduces to the environment. MOST provides full customization support and a robust feature set which will provide education facilities with the tools needed to improve school document workflow processes. This includes:

  • Fax Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Easy & Secure Access of Related Documents
  • Smart Release of Secure Print Jobs

Print To ME Solution Print To Me - On-Demand Printing From Any Location

Print To Me allows teachers to print student documents and forms from any local or remote PC. The student documents can be retrieved from any network connected MFP at any time. The implementation of Print To Me increases document security, eliminates print jobs that are redundant, and allows a smart release of pending print jobs.

Reform Tracker Solution Tracker - Track Printing / User Output Printing For Efficient Cost Accounting

Tracker allows education institutions to take full control of the print / copy related expenses made by teachers and administrative staff. This is done with advanced monitoring features which enable the ability to see how many color or black / white copies were made and how many student / teacher documents were printed. Application Usage Reports can also be generated with over a hundred view types available showing more accurate data to provide efficient cost accounting methods. Based on the Application Usage Reports, education institutions can charge the student credits for printing school work or making copies. Tracker provides total management over the cost and environmental impact of printing / copying.

Bubble Sheet Solution Bubble Sheet Forms - Create / Customize Bubble Sheet Forms Grading Or Reporting

The Bubble Sheet Plug-In for MOST, provides a WYSIWYG interface which allows teachers to create their own test forms. Bubble Sheet enables the ability to scan, grade, and automatically record student test scores at the MFP to generate the class average. This offers education document management solutions by streamlining the grading and testing process. Among other uses, education institutions equipped with our Bubble Sheet and MOST products can utilize the WYSIWYG capabilities to create any form desired such as:

  • Teacher Evaluation Forms
  • Student Evaluation Forms
  • Registration Forms
  • Course Registration Forms
  • Admission Forms

Card Authentication Solution Card Authentication Log-In - Secure Access To Print Jobs & Documents On An MFP

The Proximity Card Authentication Plug-In allows faculty members or students to login to their accounts to retrieve pending documents from the MOST network server using an ID card. This is done using real-time communication among the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory servers. The Proximity Card Authentication Plug-In also provides top of the line security and customization of rules which enable the ability to restrict MFP features among students, faculty, and guests.

Form Filler SolutionDesktop Filler - Automatically Access And Fill-In Forms From An MFP Or Desktop PC

Desktop Filler computerizes paper forms and enables faculty and staff members to gain access, automatically fill in, and process documentation from an MFP or desktop PC. This will provide faculty and staff with the most up-to-date forms such as:

  • Permission Slips
  • Parent/Teacher Conference Forms
  • Assessment Documents

Tag Doc Solution Tag Doc - Barcode Tag Signed Documents Or Forms For Scan Routing And Archiving

Tag Doc automates the archival of documents with the use of barcode tagging and scanning technology of an MFP or scanner. For example, student applications, financial aid documents, and tuition paperwork may need to be distributed to a student, parent, or faculty member to collect handwritten notes and signatures. Tag Doc tags the documents with a barcode, scans it to associate all document information with the correct file, and intelligently archives the documents with the rest of the student's paperwork.

Document Authority Control (DAC) Solution DAC (Document Authority Control) - Approve or Deny Documents At Different Authority Stages

DAC (Document Authority Control) automates document approval processes within an organization whether they are internal paperwork, applications, financial documentation, or enrollment forms. DAC can intelligently route documents to any school department or work group for approval. Documents can be viewed, approved, or denied, and comments can be added by different departments using the DAC web interface. The DAC web interface is a website which DAC utilizes to store all documents that need to be reviewed. Upon final approval, a copy of the document can be distributed to students, faculty members, or archived to an archive system. DAC is document management software that offers educational institutions a complete document control system to streamline their workflows.

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