financial services document management softwareOne of FabSoft's most popular solutions is financial services document management software.

The Financial Services Industry is extremely fast-paced and many important documents such as financial statements, trade confirmations, investment applications, invoices, and other financial forms are vigorously managed.

These financial forms have to be easily accessible, secure, and retrievable on-demand within the organization. FabSoft offers a wide variety of options for financial services document management software that will not only provide automatic outbound delivery options for financial services documents via fax or email but also intelligently deliver financial services forms to an archive system. 

Our Financial Services Document Management Software is Streamlines Workflow and Reduces Costs

Reform 14 Base Server Solution Reform VDP - Financial Form Enhancement / Automatic Distribution

Reform VDP is FabSoft's document capture and distribution software, which streamlines form enhancement and distribution.

Reform VDP software will capture print stream data from any operating system, application, or device to enhance its visual features and intelligently distribute it to a printer, fax system, email, or archive system.

These Reform VDP features can be customized to fit the organization's goals and ultimately eliminate the purchase of pre-printed forms due to the ability to print on regular printing paper.

Modular Object Scanning Technology(MOST) Solution MOST (Modular Object Scanning Technology) - Document Capture & Routing From Any MFP

MOST is FabSoft's document capture and distribution software that allows any financial services professional to scan and route financial documents from their multi-function printer (MFP).

The MOST software solution presents a wide variety of document distribution features that can be used at the MFP screen on-demand.

With heavy implementation and full customization support, any financial services business can leverage MOST to email a supervisor, fax a client, or archive documents to a company's digital archive system.

MOST's built-in designer tool allows you to customize your MFP screen and create collection tabs and assign user groups to particular forms. Input the following information from your MFP screen:

  • Fax Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Subjects / Notes
  • Directories
  • Indexes
  • Document Types
  • Document Descriptions

Print To ME Solution Print To Me - On-Demand Printing From Any Location

Print To Me is secure pull printing software that allows financial associates to print documents from any local or remote PC.

The financial documents can then be retrieved from any network connected MFP at any time if necessary.

The implementation of Print To Me secure pull printing software increases financial document security, eliminates redundant print jobs, and allows a smart release of pending print jobs. 

Reform Tracker Solution Tracker - Track Printing / User Output Printing For Efficient Cost Accounting

Tracker is print management software which allows financial services companies to take full control of their print/copy related expenses.

Tracker's advanced monitoring print management features enable the financial services facilities management insight into seeing how their print resources are being used.

Application Usage Reports can also be generated with over a hundred view types available, helping provide the necessary analytics to improve upon current printing cost accounting methods.

Form Filler Solution Desktop Filler - Automatically Access And Fill-In Documents From An MFP

Desktop Filler is custom form design software that allows your financial services organization to replace pre-printed financial forms with electronic forms and allows financial associates to automatically access, fill in, and process these documents from the MFP.

Avoid wasting time and money on storing and managing pre-printed forms. With Desktop Filler, the end-user can select the document needed from an entire library of forms. This will ensure that the most up-to-date financial forms are being used throughout the organization. Form fields can also be entered from the MFP screen, thereby making sure critical information is always legible.

Once completed and scanned, the financial forms can be distributed to any device, printer, fax system, email, or archive system.

Tag Doc Solution Tag Doc - Barcode Tag Documents For Automated Scanning & Routing

Tag Doc is document management barcode scanning software that automates the archival of documents with the use of barcode tagging technology.

For example, account applications and other financial documentation may need to be distributed to a client or other members of the financial institution to collect handwritten notes and signatures.

To ensure that these financial documents are filed with the correct client, Tag Doc tags the documents with a barcode. When this barcode is scanned, all the information concerning each financial document such as the client's name, associate name, and account details, will be automatically associated with the correct project.

When the financial document is scanned after being signed, Tag Doc will intelligently archive the document with the rest of the paperwork related to the client. If the document needs to be referenced in the future, keyword searches can be performed using any information relating to the financial client of choice. 

Document Authority Control (DAC) Solution DAC (Document Authority Control) - Approve Or Deny Documents At Different Authority Stages

DAC document approval control software improves financial services document management with enhanced routing capabilities based on specific financial departments approving or denying a document.

There are cases in which a financial document must be distributed to department heads or specific associates throughout a financial institution to be reviewed. One example of this process would be a loan application being reviewed by a loan officer, financial supervisor, processor, and underwriter.  The financial services employees can each make comments based on changes that need to be made in order for the revised contract to be completed and processed. 

DAC financial services document management software allows users to set outbound delivery rules to determine where and to whom the loan application will be sent. This could include specific departments, individuals with similar roles, small workgroups, and much more. When a document is received, it can be viewed from the DAC web page where users can approve, deny, add their own comments, or make changes to the loan application.

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