Healthcare Industry SolutionsMaintaining, handling, and managing large amounts of patient paperwork while complying with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations are some of the difficult challenges facing the healthcare industry today. FabSoft offers a host of healthcare-oriented technology that will improve the overall workflow capabilities and productivity within any healthcare institution. Our healthcare solutions can provide document security for patient confidentiality, intelligent routing and form population, and improved accessibility to medical information. Those are just a few of the workflow enhancements possible with our Reform-powered technology.

Healthcare Industry Solutions

Reform VDP  Reform VDP - Healthcare Form Design And Enhancement

From admission to discharge, it takes different healthcare forms to record a patient's clinical, medical, or insurance information. Most of these forms are already pre-printed and stockpiled in large quantites. Then when a change to a specific form is necessary, due to a new workflow procedure or healthcare complicance, these old forms immediately discarded and new pre-printed forms are purchased. Reform VDP combines the power of creativity and manipulation with its WYSIWYG designer tool to allow the creation of a wide variety of forms such as health assessments, treatment evaluations, invoices, and much more. 

Print To Me Solution Print To Me - On-Demand Printing From Any Location

Print To Me allows healthcare institutions to print necessary forms from any local or remote PC. These documents can be retrieved from any network connected MFP at any time. The implementation of Print To Me increases healthcare document security, ensures patient confidentiality, eliminates redundant print jobs, and allows a smart release of pending print jobs. 

Reform Tracker Solution Tracker - Track Printing / User Output Printing For Efficient Cost Accounting

Tracker allows healthcare institutions to take full control of their print / copy related expenses. This is done with advanced monitoring features, which give the correct individuals the ability to see how many color or black / white copies were made or patient paperwork were printed. Application usage reports can also be generated with more than a hundred view types available.  Tracker provides total administration over the cost and environmental impact of your comapny's printing / copying.

Form Medic Solution Form Medic - Automatically Access And Fill-In Patient Information On Forms At An MFP

Form Medic allows healthcare personnel to access and process patient forms directly from an MFP screen or desktop PC. Patient information can be automatically merged with a form template in the database, which ensures accuracy and legibility. Also, Form Medic will intelligently route a healthcare document to a printer, fax, email, and archive system for automatic distribution to different departments within any given healthcare institution.  

Tag Doc Solution Tag Doc - Fast Healthcare Document Imaging With Automatic Routing

Tag Doc automates the archiving of documents with the use of barcode tagging and scanning technology of an MFP or scanner. For example, patient applications, health assessment forms, and other healthcare documentation may need to be distributed to a doctor, nurse, EMT, or any other personnel to collect handwritten notes and signatures. Tag Doc assigns the documents with a barcode. When the barcode is scanned, all the information related to each document such as the patient's name, assigned prescription, and doctor's name will be automatically associated with the correct file. Tag Doc will intelligently archive the documents with the rest of the patient's paperwork.  

Document Authority Control (DAC) Solution DAC (Document Authority Control) - Approve Or Deny Documents At Different Authority Stages

DAC automates the approval processes within a healthcare organization as it relates to sensitive documentation. For example, patient paperwork may need to be reviewed by a nurse, physician, or surgeon. These reviewers may be located on different department floors, not to mention exchanging paper copies back and forth may not be the most secure means of getting documents approved. DAC can intelligently route these documents across these departments automatically based on approval of the document through the DAC web interface. The document can be viewed, approved, denied, or changed if necessary. Upon final approval, a copy of the document can be distributed to the right party or archived to a document management system.


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