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FabSoft document management software can provide your manufacturing company with smarter workflow, improved productivity and visible cost savings.  

Managing order forms, customer contracts, manufacturing agreements, shipping documentation, and product design forms are challenges that have plagued the manufacturing industry for many years.

Due to the high volume of manufacturing documents processed during day-to-day operations, it is very easy to misplace documentation or attach the wrong paperwork associated with a client.

Another document management and control challenge the manufacturing industry faces is distributing the right documents to the right manufacturing parties such as project managers, production team members, vendors, and distributors for review, changes, and final authorization.

Manufacturing documents also need to be electronic as they would be more efficient and consistent.

With these issues in mind, FabSoft offers a wide variety of manufacturing document management software solutions that provide automatic distribution, outbound delivery via fax or email, archival to an archive system, document workflow restructure and on-demand customization, along with the management and distribution of manufacturing photographs.

Manufacturing Industry Document Management Software

Reform 14 Base Server Solution  Reform PDC Base Server - Manufacturing Form Enhancement / Automatic Distribution

Reform is FabSoft's principle product that will simplify the manufacturing industry's business workflow through automated document management and distribution as well as form enhancement.

Reform document management software captures print stream data from any operating system, application, or device to enhance visual features and intelligently distribute to a printer, fax system, email, or archive system. With the built-in WYSIWYG editor, Reform allows any user to recreate legal documents or forms to any style they wish to apply.

Modular Object Scanning Technology(MOST) SolutionModular Object Scanning Technology (MOST) - Document Routing / Scanning From MFP

MOST is our flagship document scanning and routing software solution that enables manufacturers to scan and distribute manufacturing documents from an MFP.

An example of this is if a manufacturing company receives an order form that needs to be printed for another department, emailed to a vendor, faxed to another branch location, or archived to the company's digital archive system.  

MOST will perform all of document management tasks right from the MFP screen.

Manufacturing documents can be printed to any printer on the network with full control over all finishing options. MOST allows full customization to the MFP screen by creating collection tabs and assigning user groups with the built-in MOST Designer.

With heavy implementation and full customization support, the manufacturing industry can leverage the features of MOST and input important information to automatically populate important documents. This includes:

  • Fax Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Subjects / Notes
  • Directories
  • Indexes
  • Document Types
  • Document Descriptions

Form Filler SolutionDesktop Filler - Automatically Access And Fill-In Documents Or Forms From An MFP

Desktop Filler is a manufacturing document management software that replaces pre-printed manufacturing documents with electronic forms and allows automatic access, fill-in capabilities, and processing from the MFP.

Your company can avoid wasting a tremendous amount of time and money on storing and managing pre-printed forms.

With Desktop Filler, manufacturers can select the form needed from an entire library of forms based on the individual client or case. This ensures that the most up-to-date forms are being utilized throughout the organization.

Form fields can also be entered from the MFP screen which provides more accuracy and legible information. Once completed and scanned, the forms can be distributed to any device, printer, fax, email, or archive system.

Tag Doc Solution Tag Doc - Barcode Tag Signed Documents Or Forms For Scan Routing And Archiving

Tag Doc is our document barcode scanning software that automates the archiving of documents by utilizing barcode tagging and the scanning technology of an MFP or scanner.

For example, an invoice for a vendor and other documentation may need to be distributed to collect handwritten notes and signatures. To ensure that the invoice is filed with the correct project files, Tag Doc tags the invoice with a barcode. When the barcode is scanned, all the information concerning the invoice will be automatically associated with the correct project files. Also, it will intelligently archive the form with the rest of the paperwork related to the client and, if needed in the future, the form can be referenced with the use of keyword search in the archive system.

Document Authority Control (DAC) Solution Document Authority Control (DAC) - Approve Or Deny Documents In Authority Stages

Document Authority Control (DAC) is FabSoft's document control software solution that improves document workflow with enhanced routing capabilities based on specific departments approving or denying a manufacturing document.

There are cases in which a supervisor, buyer, and vendor may need to review a parts order form. They want to make comments, changes, and sign for authorization. All this can be done through DAC's web interface which allows automation of approving/denying manufacturing documents.

Routing can also be configured to send the parts order form across specific departments until it is completed. Gain document management control with FabSoft's DAC program.

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