Real Estate IndustryIn the real estate industry, there is always a high volume of documents being processed or received such as Sale and Rental Agreements, Lease Applications, Titles, Bank Forms, Mortgage Contracts, Property Management Forms, and more. This high volume can lead to misfiling paperwork and wasting time going through tons of folders looking for the correct paperwork. This is a major issue in the real estate industry that needed a long-term solution.

FabSoft offers a wide variety of real estate document management solutions that can prevent this issue from happening again and create efficient document management and distribution workflows that automate processes on-demand.

Real Estate Document Control Solutions

Reform 14 Base Server Solution  Reform Base Server - Real Estate Form Enhancement / Automatic Distribution

Reform is FabSoft's core product that can streamline the real estate industry's business workflow through automating document management and distribution as well as form enhancement. It will capture print stream data from any operating system, application, or device to enhance its visual features and intelligently distribute them to a printer, fax, email, or archive system. With its built-in WYSIWYG editor, Reform allows any user to recreate documents or forms of any style they wish to apply.

Modular Object Scanning Technology(MOST) Solution MOST (Modular Object Scanning Technology) - Document Routing / Scanning From MFP

MOST (Modular Object Scanning Technology) enables realtors to scan and distribute real estate related documents directly from an MFP. For example, if a real estate company receives a signed agreement that needs to be emailed to another department, faxed to a client, and archived to the company's digital archive system, MOST can perform all these actions right from the MFP screen. Real estate documents can be printed to any printer on the network with full document management control over all finishing options. MOST also allows full customization to the MFP screen by creating collection tabs and assigning user groups with the built-in MOST Designer. With heavy implementation and full customization support, the real estate industry can leverage the features of MOST and input important information to automatically populate important documents. This includes:

  • Fax Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Subjects / Notes
  • Directories
  • Indexes
  • Document Types
  • Document Descriptions

Print To ME Solution Print To Me - On-Demand Printing From Any Location

Print To Me is a document management control software which allows realtors to print real estate documents from any local or remote PC. The documents can be retrieved from any network connected MFP at any time. The implementation of Print To Me will increase document security, eliminate redundant print jobs, and allow for the smart release of pending print jobs.

Reform Tracker SolutionTracker - Track Printing / User Output Printing For Efficient Cost Accounting

Tracker allows realtors to take full control of their print / copy related expenses. This is done with advanced monitoring features that enable the realtor to see how many color or black / white copies were made or how many real estate documents were printed. Application Usage Reports can also be generated with over a hundred different view types available that will show more accurate data to provide efficient cost accounting methods. Tracker provides total management over the cost and environmental impact of printing / copying.

Form Filler SolutionDesktop Filler - Automatically Access And Fill-In Documents Or Forms From An MFP

Desktop Filler replaces pre-printed real estate forms with electronic versions and allows realtors to access, fill in, and process them from the MFP. Avoid wasting a tremendous amount of time and money on storing and managing pre-printed forms. With Desktop Filler, realtors can select the form needed from an entire library of forms for their clients. This ensures that the most up-to-date real estate forms are being used throughout the industry. Form fields can also be entered from the MFP screen which provides more accuracy and legible information. Once completed and scanned, the  forms can be distributed to any device, printer, fax, email, or archive system.

Tag Doc Solution Tag Doc - Barcode Tag Signed Documents Or Forms For Scan Routing And Archiving

Tag Doc automates the archival of documents with the use of barcode tagging and scanning technology of an MFP or scanner. For example, client contracts and other documentation may need to be distributed to a client or other agents or brokers to collect handwritten notes and signatures. To ensure that the client contracts are filed with the correct client, Tag Doc tags the contracts with a barcode. When the barcode is scanned, all the information concerning each contract will be automatically associated with the correct paperwork. When the client contracts are scanned after being signed, Tag Doc will intelligently archive the contracts with the rest of the paperwork related to the client. If needed in the future, the client contracts can be referenced in the archive system with the use of keyword search based on the information relating to the client contract.

Document Authority Control (DAC) Solution DAC (Document Authority Control) - Approve Or Deny Documents In Authority Stages

DAC (Document Authority Control) improves document workflow with enhanced routing capabilities based on specific departments approving or rejecting a real estate document or form. There are cases in which a real estate agent, title officer, and other individuals from different department branches will need to review a signed contract. They may want to make comments, add changes, and approve or deny the signed contract. With DAC this can be done automatically by using the DAC web interface which stores all documents that need to be reviewed. Outbound delivery rules can be set as well in order to determine where and to whom the report will be sent. Gain workflow and document control with DAC.


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