Fax Control Language (FCL)

VDPsmReform VDP is a business document process solution that can maximize the full potential of document printing, faxing, emailing, routing and archiving for any industry. One of the of the documents that Reform can process are FCL control documents.

Xerox Supported Devices

Xerox Supported Devices

*As of May 2016

 ModelMulti-Function B/W or Color Print Technology Product Image
ColorQube 9301YesColorLaser 
ColorQube 9302 YesColorLaser  
ColorQube 9303 Yes ColorLaser  
ColorQube 8700Yes ColorLaser 
ColorQube 8900Yes ColorLaser  
WorkCentre 7830Yes ColorLaser 
WorkCentre 7835Yes ColorLaser  
WorkCentre 7845Yes ColorLaser  
WorkCentre 7855Yes ColorLaser  
WorkCentre 5845Yes B/WLaser 
WorkCentre 5855Yes B/WLaser  
WorkCentre 5865Yes B/WLaser  
WorkCentre 5875Yes B/WLaser  
WorkCentre 5890Yes B/WLaser 
WorkCentre 7220Yes ColorLaser  
WorkCentre 7225Yes ColorLaser  
WorkCentre 5945YesB/WLaser 
WorkCentre 5955Yes B/WLaser  
WorkCentre 6655YesColorLaser 
WorkCentre 3655XYesB/WLaser 
WorkCentre 7970YesColorLaser 

Ricoh Supported Devices

*As of June 2016



 B/W or Color

Print Technology 

Product Image



SP 5200DN


SP 5210DN








SP 4310N






SP 4210N 


SP 6330N


SP 8200DN

SP C420DNNoColorLaser
MP C1500NoColorLaser
SP C410DNNoColorLaser
SP C411DNNoColorLaser

SP C811


SP 9100DNNoB/WLaser

SP 8100N

SP 8100DN

SP 4100NNoB/WLaser
SP 4110NNoB/WLaser

MP 4054


Yes B/W Laser  

MP 5054


Yes  B/W Laser 

MP 6054


Yes  B/WLaser  

Pro C7100S

Pro C7100SX

Yes Color Laser  

Pro C7110S

Pro C7110SX

YesColor Laser  

Pro C7100

Pro C7100X

NoColor Laser 

Pro C7110

Pro C7110X

 No Color Laser  

MP C2003SP


 YesColor Laser  

SP 4510SF

MP 401SPF 

Yes B/W Laser  
SP C831DN NoColor Laser  
MP C306YesColorLaser
MP C406YesColorLaser
MP C3500 Yes Color Laser   
MP C4500 Yes Color Laser  
MP C2500 Yes Color Laser  
MP C3000 YesColor  Laser 
MP C2000 YesColor Laser  
MP 9000 Yes Color Laser  
MP 1100 Yes Color Laser  
 MP 1350Yes Color  Laser 

MP 5500

Pro 5500SP

Yes B/W  Laser

MP 6500

Pro 6500SP

Yes  B/W Laser

MP 7500

Pro 7500SP

Yes B/W Laser 
MP 6000Yes B/W  Laser
MP 7000Yes  B/W Laser
MP 8000 YesB/W  Laser
Pro 906EXYes Color Laser 
Pro 1106EXYesColorLaser 
Pro 1356EXYes  Color Laser

 MP C401

MP C402

Yes ColorLaser 

 MP 2554

MP 2554zSP

Yes B/W Laser

 MP 3054

MP 3054zSP

Yes B/W Laser 

 MP 3554

MP 3554zSP

Yes B/W Laser 
 MP 2553Yes B/W Laser

 MP 3053Yes B/W Laser 
 MP 3353Yes B/W Laser 

 MP C2503

MP C2503zSP

Yes ColorLaser 

MP C3003

MP C3003

 Yes ColorLaser 

 MP C3503

MP C3502z

 Yes Color Laser 

 MP C4503

MP C4503z

Yes Color Laser 

 MP C5503

MP C5503z

Yes Color Laser 
 MP C6003Yes Color Laser 
 MP C6502Yes Color Laser 
 MP C8002Yes Color Laser 
 Pro C5100SYes Color Laser 
Pro C5110SYes Color Laser 
Pro 8100SYesB/W Laser 
Pro 8110SYesB/WLaser 
Pro 8120SYesB/WLaser 
Pro 8100S (e22b / e42b)YesB/WLaser 
Pro 8110S (e22b / e42b)YesB/WLaser 
Pro 8120S (e22b / e42b)YesB/WLaser 
 MP C305Yes ColorLaser 
 MP 301SPFYes B/W Laser 
 MP 2501SPYes B/W Laser 
 MP C3002Yes Color Laser 
 MP C3502Yes Color Laser 

 MP C4502

MP C4502A

Yes Color Laser 

 MP C5502

MO C5502A

Yes Color Laser 
 MP 4002SPYes B/W Laser 
 MP 5002SPYes B/W Laser 
 MP 6002SPYes B/W Laser 
 MP 7502SPYes B/W Laser 
 MP 9002SPYes B/W Laser 
 CW 2200Yes Color Laser 
 MP 2352SPYes B/W Laser 
 MP 2852SPYes B/W Laser 
 MP 3352SPYes B/W Laser 
 W3601 No Color Laser 
 Pro C651EXYesColor Laser 
 Pro C751EXYesColor Laser 
 Pro C651EX E41AYes Color Laser 
 Pro C751EX E41AYes Color Laser 
 SP 5200SYesB/W Laser  
 SP 5210SFYesB/W Laser 
 SP 5210SRYesB/W Laser 
 MP C2051Yes Color Laser 
 MP C2551Yes Color Laser 
MP C300YesColor  Laser 
MP C400Yes Color Laser 
MP C3001Yes Color Laser 
MP C3501Yes Color Laser  
MP C4501Yes Color Laser 
MP C4501AYes Color Laser 
MP C5501Yes Color Laser 
MP C5501AYes Color Laser 
MP C6501Yes Color Laser 
MP C7501YesColor  Laser
W5100No Color Laser
W7140No Color  Laser 
MP 6001SPYes B/W Laser 
MP 7001SPYes B/W  Laser 
MP 8001SPYes B/W Laser 
MP 9001SPYes B/W Laser 
Pro 907EXYes B/W Laser 
Pro 1107EXYes B/W Laser 
Pro 1357EXYes B/W Laser 
MP C2050Yes Color Laser 
MP C2550YesColor  Laser 
MP C2800Yes Color Laser 
MP C3300Yes Color Laser 
MP C4000Yes Color Laser 
MP C5000Yes Color Laser 

MP 2550

MP 2550B

Yes Color Laser 

MP 3350

MP 3550B

Yes Color Laser 

MP 5000

MP 5000B

Yes B/W Laser 

MP 4000

MP 4000B

MP 2851YesB/W  Laser 
MP 3351Yes B/W Laser 
MP 4001Yes B/W Laser 
MP 5001Yes B/W Laser 
MP C6000Yes Color Laser 
MP C7500Yes Color Laser 
Pro C900SYes Color Laser 
Pro C901SYes Color Laser 
Pro C720SYes ColorLaser  
2060Yes B/W Laser 
2075Yes B/W Laser 
3224CYes Color Laser 
3232CYes Color Laser 
3260CYes Color Laser 



Yes Color Laser 
3228CYes Color Laser 
3235CYes Color Laser 
3245CYes Color Laser 
480WYes B/W Laser 
3035Yes B/W  Laser 
3045Yes B/W Laser 
3025Yes B/W Laser 
3030Yes B/W Laser 
MP 2510Yes B/W Laser 
MP 3010Yes B/W Laser 
MP 3500Yes B/W Laser 
MP 4500Yes B/W Laser
MP C3004YesColorLaser
MP C3504YesColorLaser
MP C4504YesColorLaser
MP C6004YesColorLaser
MP 6503SPYesN/ALaserImage Currently Not Available
MP 7503SPYesN/ALaserImage Currently Not Available
MP 9003SPYesN/ALaserImage Currently Not Available
MP 305SPFYesN/ALaser



HP Supported Devices

*As of March 2016



B/W or Color

Print Technology

Product Image

 7000N No Color None

 HP 7000N

 8500 No Color None

HP 8500

 CM4540 Yes Color Laser

 HP CM4540

 CP5525 No Color Laser 

 HP CP5525

CP5520No Color Laser 

 M4555 Yes B/W Laser

 HP M4555

 M525 Yes B/W Laser

 HP M525

 M551 No Color Laser

 HP M551

 M575 Yes Color Laser

 HP M575

 M601 No Color Laser

HP M601 

 M602 No Color Laser

 HP M602

 M603 No Color Laser

 HP M603

M630Yes Color Laser

M651No Color Laser


 M680 Yes Color Laser

 HP M680

 M712 No B/W Laser

 HP M712

 M725 Yes B/W Laser

HP M725 

M750NoColor Laser

 M775 Yes Color Laser

HP M830 

M806No Color Laser

M830 Yes B/W Laser

 HP M830v2 


 M880 Yes Color Laser

 HP M880

 X585 Yes Color Ink

 HP X585













Lexmark Supported Devices

*as of January 2016



B/W or Color

Print Technology

Product Image

 X463 Yes B/W Laser


 X464 Yes B/W Laser


 X466 Yes B/W Laser


 X651 Yes B/W Laser 


X652Yes B/W Laser 


 X654 Yes B/W Laser


 X656 Yes B/W Laser


 X658 Yes B/W Laser


 X734 Yes Color Laser


 X736 Yes Color Laser


 X738 Yes Color Laser


 X860 Yes B/W Laser


X862Yes B/W Laser


X864Yes B/W Laser


 XS463No  B/W Laser


 6500e YesColor  Laser


 C950 NoColor  Laser


X548YesColor Laser


 X746 Yes Color Laser


X748Yes Color Laser


X792 Yes Color Laser




 X950 Yes Color Laser


 X952 Yes Color Laser




CX410 YesColor  Laser 
MX410Yes B/W  Laser 
MX6500Yes ColorLaser  
MX910 Yes B/W Laser 
MX911Yes B/W Laser  
MX912 YesB/W Laser  
XC940Yes  ColorLaser  
XC945 YesColor  Laser 

Designing Checks

Re-create Business Checks Through Reform VDP's Designer










By taking advantage of the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Reform VDP Designer, producing fully automated business checks is fast and simple. After a pre-existing buisness check is scanned once, it is then opened in the Reform VDP Designer and serves as a design template upon which several automation commands can be inserted and saved. Now going forward, every time this type of check is submitted to the Reform VDP engine, it will be automatically filled out with the correct information and routed to its proper destination.

Also, there is a built-in password function included for security purposes. Each VDP-designed business check can be individually password-protected from unauthorized modification and check printing.

The benefits of creating business checks through Reform VDP's Designer tool:

  • Reference different signatures and logs with image linking.
  • Store check routing and bank account numbers with custom scripting.
  • Duplicate any data field if necessary.
  • Print VDP-designed business checks on plain printing paper or a check stock.
  • View check routing and bank account numbers for any check using the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) option.


Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


ECMFabSoft's core product, Reform PDC Business Platform, revolves around the central idea of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). The technologies that are involved which makes Reform PDC a successful business platform for any sized business are the processes of Printing, Distributing, Document Archiving, and Capturing.

The main goal of ECM is to streamline business processes and discard any loop holes within document workflow that have the ability to hinder potential business relationships, sales, clients, and any other business improvements. With the concept of Reform PDC and ECM, there are four primary areas, known as the 4 C's, that are fundamental for a business to succeed and improve all aspects of their document workflow. Those areas are Compliance, Collaboration, Continuity, and Cost.




Business Compliance

With Reform PDC Business Platform, an organization can exceed business compliance requirements by data or image capturing. This process is achieved with the implementation of Tag Doc, a barcoding software used to scan documents and route to any desired destination on-demand with the use of metadata. Reform PDC allows documents to be placed where it needs to reside in a timely, efficient, effective, and retrievable manner.

Document Collaboration

With the ability to create and control document workflow, Reform PDC allows the use of collaborative documentation with the use of monitoring and managing a document's location, in addition to the advancement made through workflow.

Document Workflow Continuity

Reform PDC is uniquely positioned as a business platform that meets the enterprise goals of ECM. By integrating the inherent design with other business platforms or systems, Reform PDC allows for both load balancing among multiple servers and fault tolerance for implemented MFPs.

Cost Accounting

The addition of Reform PDC to your organization provides automation of outbound document delivery and information organization, now making it possible to see the cost efficiency and positive environmental impact of the improved workflow within your business structure.

DAC Workflow Example

Document Authority Control Workflow - Process Expense Claims



An employee has just returned from a business trip and has a travel expense claim that needs to be processed prior to reimbursement. Before the expense claim can be sent to the Finance Department for processing, it must be reviewed by the employee's supervisor and department manager. Upon scanning the expense claim, Document Authority Control notifies the employee's supervisor of the document awaiting approval. The supervisor goes to the DAC website and reviews the expense claim. If the supervisor has any questions or needs further information, he/she can add comments which will then be sent to the employee.

Once the supervisor approves of the expense claim, Document Authority Control notifies the department manager that there is a document that needs to be reviewed. The manager reviews the claim and has the option to add comments, approve, or reject.

If the manager does not approve, he/she can leave comments explaining the rejection and click "Deny". The supervisor will then be notified, and communicate the reasons for rejection to the employee. The employee can make the necessary changes to the expense claim and resubmit it for approval.

Once again, the document will follow the workflow until the manager approves. Upon approval, the expense claim is sent to the Finance Department in order to generate payment for the employee. The processed expense claim can then be archived to digital archive systems for future retrieval as well as be printed, faxed, and emailed.

Form Medic Workflow Example

Form Medic  - Health Information Management (HIM) Workflow



A patient needs to fill out a health insurance claim form. Instead of waiting for the patient to complete it, healthcare workers can automatically populate the form with the patient's information. All that would be needed further is the patient's signature. This Health Information Management (HIM) workflow solution can be achieved with just four easy steps at the MFP:

  1. Access the Form Medic Collection Screen from the MFP.
  2. Select the health insurance claim being used from the drop down list.
  3. Select or type in the patient's name to look up his/her information from the database.
  4. Press "Send Data" to automatically populate the form with the patient's information.

As the patient continues through the hospital visit, the rest of the form fields are hand-written and signed accordingly. When finished, the completed health insurance claim is scanned and automatically routed to the printer at the Accounts Receivable department, faxed to the patient's insurance company, and archived to the hospital's document repository.

Desktop Filler Example

Desktop Filler Example - Electronic Health Insurance Claim


DesktopFillerExampleA patient needs to fill out a health insurance claim. With Form Filler, the receptionist can select the name of the health insurance claim from a drop down list on their desktop. Then, the receptionist selects the patient's information from the database. The patient's information is automatically populated to the electronic health insurance claim and printed.

As the patient continues through the hospital visit, the rest of the electronic health insurance claim fields are hand-written and signed accordingly. Upon completion, the finished health insurance claim is scanned and automatically routed to the printer in the Accounts Receivable department, faxed to the patient's insurance company, and archived to the hospital's document repository.

Test Grading

OMR Bubble Sheets - High Education Test Scanning Solution

OMR Bubble Sheet is useful to any industry whether it's Construction, Healthcare, Real Estate, Insurance, Legal, or many others. Unquestionably, the Education industry will gain more from this high education solution due to its OMR form design WYSIWYG editor that allows bubble forms to be created and customized for tests, quizzes, and evaluation forms. For this example, OMR Bubble Sheet will provide a test scanning solution for teachers to grade student tests and automatically add the results to an electronic grade book on the system at a MOST-enabled MFP.

OMR Bubble Sheet Test Scanning Demonstration

1.  A teacher would fill out the below bubble form answer sheet with all the correct answers and scan it in at the MFP. The answer sheet is scanned, processed, and ready for grading student tests.


2.  Below are the two student tests that the teacher will scan in for test scoring.

Brian Smith's Completed Test


Sue Johnson's Completed Test


3.  Once scanned, Brian's and Sue's tests are corrected marked with a √ or X displaying the right and wrong answers. Each test will also display the total correct answers out of all the questions and the grade percentage at the right hand corner.

Brian Smith's Graded Test


Sue Johnson's Graded Test


4.  In addition to both tests being graded, the total scores are automatically sent to an electronic grade book. The teacher can now generate reports based on the student's overall average and grade percentage for a marking period or semester.


Creating Labels

Reform VDP Designer - Creating Custom Labels

Creating custom labels for business purposes is extremely cost effective and easy to achieve with the Reform VDP Designer. Users can easily create their own labels such as Avery, shipping, or barcode labels given the flexible nature of Reform VDP's Designer interface. Print almost any label type without any special functions required.

Each page format can be set to fit any page dimension. The built-in Cross Tabulation feature allows generic type lists to be placed in columns and rows. This feature will automatically fit various label formats within the designer tool.

      BarcodeShipping                      BarcodeLabels

 Cross Tabulation Avery® Labels

Generated Shipping Label 

 Generated Barcode Label

RightFax Integration

Reform RightFax Integration

For more than a decade, FabSoft has been using its Reform PDC business platform to provide users with on-demand document delivery. One way to distribute documents intelligently is to utlize an enterprise fax system such as OpenText's RightFax. RightFax is a centralized computer based fax solution that provides improved faxing capabilities across organizations.

The Reform RightFax Integration allows users to combine the power of both scanning and printing applications. By combining these two technologies, users can eliminate using a stand alone fax machine and costly fax lines.

Taking advantage of what this solution has to offer enables users to send, receive, and manage faxing from any MFP or line of business application seemlessly.


Scanning With RightFax

Modular Object Scanning Technology (MOST) provides on-demand distribution of documents right from the convenience of the MFP. RightFax, a network fax software application that allows users to send and receive faxes from a Desktop PC, can seamlessly integrate with MOST and provide the following powerful features and benefits from the MFP screen:

  • Specify RightFax Options - Enter in fax numbers, subjects, notes, cover pages, and more from the MFP screen.
  • Add Or Edit Electronic Fax Phonebooks - Add, edit, or delete existing fax phonebook entries from the MFP screen.


  • Track Outbound Faxes - View and print real time statuses of all faxes that have been sent from the MFP screen.


MOST Scanning For RightFax Pricing

ItemQuantityMSRPTrial Downloads
Reform V15 Base Server1$985
MOST Pack 
RightFax Plug-In core1$2,063
RighFAX Plug-In MOST1$0

Example Total MSRP:

Reform Base Server + MOST Pack (10) + RightFax Plug-In = $11,603
  • Please note that all downloads come with a free 60-day trial evaluation.

Variable Data Printing With RightFax

Variable Data Printing is the solution needed in order to produce personalized transactional documents that will leave a strong impression on your client or customer.

Combining this Line of Business (LOB) application with the RightFax Integration allows users to be much more efficient. Send out large amounts of transactional documents such as invoices, reports, pick tickets, policies, and more to a large number of people simultaneously right from the desktop without ever having to use a stand alone fax machine.

ItemQuantityMSRPTrial Downloads
Reform V15 Base Server1$985

Variable Data Printing (VDP) Plug-In

* Please note this is a per server license

RightFax Plug-In1$2,063

Example Total MSRP:

Reform Base Server + Reform VDP + RightFax Plug-In = $6,343
  • Purchase inquiries can be made by contacting FabSoft's Sales Department directly at 973.767.2100 ext. 1 or emailing here.
  • Please note that all downloads come with a free 60-day trial evaluation.

Lexmark integration

Reform PDC Lexmark Integration

FabSoft has established a strong relationship with Lexmark by integrating Reform PDC, our All-In-One Business Document Solution, on Lexmark's best in class equipment.

 Reform PDC using a Lexmark MFP and Office 365 / SharePoint:



Reform PDC deployment tool for Lexmark MFPs:

LAN Fax Integration

MOST Ricoh LAN Fax Integration - Improved Scan To Fax Capabilities


Modular Object Scanning Technology (MOST) provides on-demand distribution of documents right from the convenience of the MFP. MOST seamlessly integrates with leading devices such as Ricoh LAN Fax, providing the following enhanced features for business document workflow and efficiency:

  • Specific LAN Fax Options - Enter in fax numbers, subjects, notes, cover pages, and more.

Ricoh LAN Fax Options From The MFP Screen


  • Additions, Edits, And Deletions To Electronic Fax Phonebooks - Add, edit, or delete stored fax phonebooks from the MFP that are either private or public based on user settings.

Add/Edit/Delete Electronic Fax Phonebooks MFP Screen Collection


  • Tracking Of Outbound Faxes - With the Ricoh LAN Fax status tab within the LAN Fax MFP screen collection, see real time fax statuses of all faxes sent from the MFP at its screen.

Ricoh LAN Fax Status MFP Screen


  • Monitoring Of Fax Documents - Control and monitor fax documents from a web portal.
  • Improved Faxing Capabilities - Provides Enterprise Scan to Fax capabilities that are feature rich.

Scan To Ricoh LAN Fax Watch & Learn Webinar

The Scan To Ricoh LAN Fax Watch & Learn Webinar demonstrates how Ricoh LAN Fax can integrate seamlessly with MOST. A FabSoft Engineer will discuss the following:

  1. How To Install & Integrate Ricoh LAN Fax With MOST
  2. How To Configure Ricoh LAN Fax For Scan To Fax Capabilities
  3. How To Create Or Retrieve Electronic Fax Phonebooks
  4. How To Send Faxes And Check The Status Of Any Fax
  5. All Available Options Of The Ricoh LAN Fax MFP Screen Collection

Ricoh LAN Fax Pricing & Requirements

ItemQuantityMSRPTrial Downloads
Reform V15 Base Server1$985
MOST Pack 
Ricoh LAN Fax Plug-In1$1,340

Example Total MSRP:

Reform Base Server + MOST Pack (10) + Ricoh LAN Fax Plug-In = $10,880
  • Purchase inquiries can be made by contacting FabSoft's Sales Department directly at 973.767.2100 ext. 1 or emailing here.
  • Please note that all downloads come with a free 60-day trial evaluation.

Tag Doc Example Document Workflow

Tag Doc Example Document Workflow - Generating A Pick Ticket


A company receives a purchase order which is entered into their purchase order entry system. Using the entered information, Tag Doc automatically produces a barcoded cover page and attaches it with the original purchase order. Both the cover page and the original PO are sent to the company's archive system. The entered information is also used to produce a pick ticket that contains a barcode.


The pick ticket is sent to the Warehouse and used to gather the items and record the picked quantities by personnel. When the completed pick ticket is scanned, Tag Doc recognizes the barcode, archives it with the original PO, and sends it to Accounts Receivable. Accounts Receivable enters the information from the pick ticket into their invoice entry system which generates an invoice that is sent to the customer and archived accordingly in the company's Archive System.

The entered information is used to automatically generate a barcoded bill of lading that is sent to the Shipping Department. When the items are shipped, the bill of lading is signed by the customer to confirm receipt and then scanned by the driver. Again, Tag Doc reads the barcode on the bill of lading and files it with the previous documents sent to the company's Archive System.

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