Document Authority Control Workflow - Process Expense Claims



An employee has just returned from a business trip and has a travel expense claim that needs to be processed prior to reimbursement. Before the expense claim can be sent to the Finance Department for processing, it must be reviewed by the employee's supervisor and department manager. Upon scanning the expense claim, Document Authority Control notifies the employee's supervisor of the document awaiting approval. The supervisor goes to the DAC website and reviews the expense claim. If the supervisor has any questions or needs further information, he/she can add comments which will then be sent to the employee.

Once the supervisor approves of the expense claim, Document Authority Control notifies the department manager that there is a document that needs to be reviewed. The manager reviews the claim and has the option to add comments, approve, or reject.

If the manager does not approve, he/she can leave comments explaining the rejection and click "Deny". The supervisor will then be notified, and communicate the reasons for rejection to the employee. The employee can make the necessary changes to the expense claim and resubmit it for approval.

Once again, the document will follow the workflow until the manager approves. Upon approval, the expense claim is sent to the Finance Department in order to generate payment for the employee. The processed expense claim can then be archived to digital archive systems for future retrieval as well as be printed, faxed, and emailed.

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