Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


ECMFabSoft's core product, Reform PDC Business Platform, revolves around the central idea of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). The technologies that are involved which makes Reform PDC a successful business platform for any sized business are the processes of Printing, Distributing, Document Archiving, and Capturing.

The main goal of ECM is to streamline business processes and discard any loop holes within document workflow that have the ability to hinder potential business relationships, sales, clients, and any other business improvements. With the concept of Reform PDC and ECM, there are four primary areas, known as the 4 C's, that are fundamental for a business to succeed and improve all aspects of their document workflow. Those areas are Compliance, Collaboration, Continuity, and Cost.




Business Compliance

With Reform PDC Business Platform, an organization can exceed business compliance requirements by data or image capturing. This process is achieved with the implementation of Tag Doc, a barcoding software used to scan documents and route to any desired destination on-demand with the use of metadata. Reform PDC allows documents to be placed where it needs to reside in a timely, efficient, effective, and retrievable manner.

Document Collaboration

With the ability to create and control document workflow, Reform PDC allows the use of collaborative documentation with the use of monitoring and managing a document's location, in addition to the advancement made through workflow.

Document Workflow Continuity

Reform PDC is uniquely positioned as a business platform that meets the enterprise goals of ECM. By integrating the inherent design with other business platforms or systems, Reform PDC allows for both load balancing among multiple servers and fault tolerance for implemented MFPs.

Cost Accounting

The addition of Reform PDC to your organization provides automation of outbound document delivery and information organization, now making it possible to see the cost efficiency and positive environmental impact of the improved workflow within your business structure.

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