Form Medic  - Health Information Management (HIM) Workflow



A patient needs to fill out a health insurance claim form. Instead of waiting for the patient to complete it, healthcare workers can automatically populate the form with the patient's information. All that would be needed further is the patient's signature. This Health Information Management (HIM) workflow solution can be achieved with just four easy steps at the MFP:

  1. Access the Form Medic Collection Screen from the MFP.
  2. Select the health insurance claim being used from the drop down list.
  3. Select or type in the patient's name to look up his/her information from the database.
  4. Press "Send Data" to automatically populate the form with the patient's information.

As the patient continues through the hospital visit, the rest of the form fields are hand-written and signed accordingly. When finished, the completed health insurance claim is scanned and automatically routed to the printer at the Accounts Receivable department, faxed to the patient's insurance company, and archived to the hospital's document repository.

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