Reform RightFax Integration

For more than a decade, FabSoft has been using its Reform PDC business platform to provide users with on-demand document delivery. One way to distribute documents intelligently is to utlize an enterprise fax system such as OpenText's RightFax. RightFax is a centralized computer based fax solution that provides improved faxing capabilities across organizations.

The Reform RightFax Integration allows users to combine the power of both scanning and printing applications. By combining these two technologies, users can eliminate using a stand alone fax machine and costly fax lines.

Taking advantage of what this solution has to offer enables users to send, receive, and manage faxing from any MFP or line of business application seemlessly.


Scanning With RightFax

Modular Object Scanning Technology (MOST) provides on-demand distribution of documents right from the convenience of the MFP. RightFax, a network fax software application that allows users to send and receive faxes from a Desktop PC, can seamlessly integrate with MOST and provide the following powerful features and benefits from the MFP screen:

  • Specify RightFax Options - Enter in fax numbers, subjects, notes, cover pages, and more from the MFP screen.
  • Add Or Edit Electronic Fax Phonebooks - Add, edit, or delete existing fax phonebook entries from the MFP screen.


  • Track Outbound Faxes - View and print real time statuses of all faxes that have been sent from the MFP screen.


MOST Scanning For RightFax Pricing

ItemQuantityMSRPTrial Downloads
Reform V15 Base Server 1 $985
MOST Pack 
RightFax Plug-In core 1 $2,063
RighFAX Plug-In MOST 1 $0

Example Total MSRP:

Reform Base Server + MOST Pack (10) + RightFax Plug-In = $11,603
  • Please note that all downloads come with a free 60-day trial evaluation.

Variable Data Printing With RightFax

Variable Data Printing is the solution needed in order to produce personalized transactional documents that will leave a strong impression on your client or customer.

Combining this Line of Business (LOB) application with the RightFax Integration allows users to be much more efficient. Send out large amounts of transactional documents such as invoices, reports, pick tickets, policies, and more to a large number of people simultaneously right from the desktop without ever having to use a stand alone fax machine.

ItemQuantityMSRPTrial Downloads
Reform V15 Base Server 1 $985

Variable Data Printing (VDP) Plug-In

* Please note this is a per server license

1 $3,295
RightFax Plug-In 1 $2,063

Example Total MSRP:

Reform Base Server + Reform VDP + RightFax Plug-In = $6,343
  • Purchase inquiries can be made by contacting FabSoft's Sales Department directly at 973.767.2100 ext. 1 or emailing here.
  • Please note that all downloads come with a free 60-day trial evaluation.

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