Tag Doc Example Document Workflow - Generating A Pick Ticket


A company receives a purchase order which is entered into their purchase order entry system. Using the entered information, Tag Doc automatically produces a barcoded cover page and attaches it with the original purchase order. Both the cover page and the original PO are sent to the company's archive system. The entered information is also used to produce a pick ticket that contains a barcode.


The pick ticket is sent to the Warehouse and used to gather the items and record the picked quantities by personnel. When the completed pick ticket is scanned, Tag Doc recognizes the barcode, archives it with the original PO, and sends it to Accounts Receivable. Accounts Receivable enters the information from the pick ticket into their invoice entry system which generates an invoice that is sent to the customer and archived accordingly in the company's Archive System.

The entered information is used to automatically generate a barcoded bill of lading that is sent to the Shipping Department. When the items are shipped, the bill of lading is signed by the customer to confirm receipt and then scanned by the driver. Again, Tag Doc reads the barcode on the bill of lading and files it with the previous documents sent to the company's Archive System.

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