OMR Bubble Sheets - High Education Test Scanning Solution

OMR Bubble Sheet is useful to any industry whether it's Construction, Healthcare, Real Estate, Insurance, Legal, or many others. Unquestionably, the Education industry will gain more from this high education solution due to its OMR form design WYSIWYG editor that allows bubble forms to be created and customized for tests, quizzes, and evaluation forms. For this example, OMR Bubble Sheet will provide a test scanning solution for teachers to grade student tests and automatically add the results to an electronic grade book on the system at a MOST-enabled MFP.

OMR Bubble Sheet Test Scanning Demonstration

1.  A teacher would fill out the below bubble form answer sheet with all the correct answers and scan it in at the MFP. The answer sheet is scanned, processed, and ready for grading student tests.


2.  Below are the two student tests that the teacher will scan in for test scoring.

Brian Smith's Completed Test


Sue Johnson's Completed Test


3.  Once scanned, Brian's and Sue's tests are corrected marked with a √ or X displaying the right and wrong answers. Each test will also display the total correct answers out of all the questions and the grade percentage at the right hand corner.

Brian Smith's Graded Test


Sue Johnson's Graded Test


4.  In addition to both tests being graded, the total scores are automatically sent to an electronic grade book. The teacher can now generate reports based on the student's overall average and grade percentage for a marking period or semester.


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