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 Model Multi-Function  B/W or Color  Print Technology  Product Image
VersaLink C405 Yes Color Laser  VersaLinkC405
VersaLink C400 Yes Color Laser  VersaLinkC400
VersaLink C500 Yes Color Laser  VersaLink C500
VersaLink C600 Yes Color Laser  VersaLink C600
VersaLink C505 Yes Color Laser  VersaLink C505
VersaLink C605 Yes Color Laser  VersaLink C605
VersaLink B400 Yes Color Laser  
VersaLink B405 Yes Color Laser  
VersaLink B600 Yes Color Laser  
VersaLink B610 Yes Color Laser  
VersaLink B605 Yes Color Laser  
VersaLink B615 Yes Color Laser  
VersaLink B7025/B7030/B7035 Yes Color Laser  
VersaLink 7000/C7020/C7025/C7030 Yes Color Laser  
AltaLink B8045/B8055/B8065/B8075/B8090 Yes Color Laser  
AltaLink C8030/C8035/C8045/C8055/C8070 Yes Color Laser  
ColorQube 9301 Yes Color Laser  
ColorQube 9302  Yes Color Laser   
ColorQube 9303  Yes  Color Laser   
ColorQube 8700 Yes  Color Laser  
ColorQube 8900 Yes  Color Laser   
WorkCentre 7830 Yes  Color Laser 
WorkCentre 7835 Yes  Color Laser   
WorkCentre 7845 Yes  Color Laser   
WorkCentre 7855 Yes  Color Laser   
WorkCentre 5845 Yes  B/W Laser  
WorkCentre 5855 Yes  B/W Laser   
WorkCentre 5865 Yes  B/W Laser   
WorkCentre 5875 Yes  B/W Laser   
WorkCentre 5890 Yes  B/W Laser  
WorkCentre 7220 Yes  Color Laser   
WorkCentre 7225 Yes  Color Laser   
WorkCentre 5945 Yes B/W Laser  
WorkCentre 5955 Yes  B/W Laser   
WorkCentre 6655 Yes Color Laser  
WorkCentre 3655X Yes B/W Laser  
WorkCentre 7970 Yes Color Laser  
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We gladly offer FULL 60-day evaluations, this allows you to obtain a complete understanding of what our solutions can do and lets you confidently determine its usability for your needs. Each download will offer either a 60-day evaluation or an activation key for a full license. All downloads can be turned into a fully licensed product with a product activation key.

Modular Object Scanning Technology (MOST)

ProductDownloadUser Manual / Tutorial 

Modular Object Scanning Technology (MOST)  MOST

Includes Email, SharePoint, Print To Me, RightFAX, Archive, Bubble Sheet & DAC.


User Manual for the FabSoft MOST  click here


Server version:

 MOST        Buy NowPriceItem Number
1 MFP / Copy Machine  $1,009 RFMMT01-16
10 MFP / Copy Machine $8,555 RFMMT10-16
50 MFPs / Copy Machines $30,533 RFMMT50-16
75 or more MFPs call for pricing   RFMMTxxx-16
Print To Me / Secure Print Release    Included
Print To Me Mobile   Included
MOST Card Authentication    Included
Reform Base Server   Included
ConnectorsPriceItem Number
Email $1,370 RFMEP01-15
Save to PDF   Included
Fax System $2,063 RFMFX01-15
Archive System $1,601 RFMAR01-15
OtherPriceItem Number
Professional Services (per hour, 5 hours min)     Buy Now $1,250 RFMPR01
Break-fix support (yearly) 18% of software value RFMBFS-15
Upgrades one version back  40% off  
Upgrades two or more version back 30% off  

Automatically installs as a 60-day full trial, a purchased is required to continue use after 60 days. 

Reform Link version:

ItemDesktop clientsMFP clientsTracker clientsMSRPItem NumberPurchase
Reform Link Box - Medium 10 5 100 $7,000 RFMLSMB-10 Buy Now
Reform Link Box - Large 20 10 200 $11,000 RFMLSMB-20 Buy Now

The MOST technology can be purchased as a software downloadable product that can be installed on one computer or Reform Link is a small computer that includes MOST plus many other FabSoft technologies.


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