Reform Printer Driver | User Printing Management System

UserPrintingsmUser Printing with the Reform Printer Driver provides a complete solution for on-demand document management and delivery. With the Reform Printer Driver, a user prints from their application and can quickly specify the destination of their documents to various devices.

Document Authority Control | Enterprise Document Management

DocWorkflowsmDocument Authority Control (DAC) provides authority control over key document processes and workflow management. There are many cases when certain individuals or groups within an organization may want to change, approve, or collaborate on critical documents. This solution allows various employees to work together on reports, contracts, or proposals.

Tag Doc | Document Barcoding

EmailsmTag Doc is a document barcode scanning solution that automates document scanning workflow processes using an MFP or printer/scanner. It also allows the ability to tag documents with a proprietary barcode that is already built-in with the software for electronic document scanning capabilities.

Form Medic | Healthcare Document Management Solution

FormMedicsmForm Medic is a Health Information Management (HIM) solution that converts pre-printed healthcare forms into an electronic format and allows users to access, auto-populate, process, and print from a desktop PC or MFP. With the same functionality as Desktop Filler, Form Medic is more suitable for the healthcare industry in managing vital healthcare information.


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