Document Authority Control (DAC) - Enhance Document Processes 

Document Authority Control Document Process Workflow

Document Authority Control (DAC) provides authority control over key document processes and workflow management. There are many cases when certain individuals or groups within an organization may want to change, approve, or collaborate on critical documents. This solution allows various employees to work together on reports, contracts, or proposals.

Imperative documents such as expense claims, human resource paperwork, and other relevant document requests may need to be reviewed and approved by different departments. Without Document Authority Control's document process workflow, this delays productivity and the ability to track documents, and makes it extremely easy to miss valuable details within these documents.

It is challenging to guarantee that the correct version of a document is properly viewed by all employees when they are accessing it and making changes that are essential to document collaboration. Document Authority Control simplifies this document process by providing a web interface in which documents can be retrieved, edited, and approved. When documents need to be reviewed, Document Authority Control will automatically notify the required users. Organizations can supervise and regulate the progress of critical document procedures as well as gain authority control over financial transactions, legal communications, operations, and more.

Document Authority Control Workflow - Document Process Features

  • Data Capture - Capture information from a host system or already scanned documents via the MFP.
  • Automatic Notifications - Automatically notify the correct recipients about documents that have already been approved or are waiting for review.
  • Business Collaboration - View, edit, accept, or reject vital documents across different departments efficiently through the packaged DAC website console.

    Set Authority Control Over Users

    DAC Web Interface User Authority Control Window

    View Document History, Add Comments and Approve, Deny, or Delete Documents

    DAC Web Interface Approve, Comment, or Deny Document Process Window

  • Automatic Document Routing - Approved or denied documents will automatically route to the next user in the hierarchy workflow. Any rejected, revised, or approved document processes will automatically send a message to the user.
  • Archive Systems - Documents can be automatically stored to an archive system for easy access to document history such as rough drafts and final versions.
  • Print, Fax, & E-mail Routing - Send documents to any device such as a printer, fax, or email within the document process workflow.
  • Customize Document Process Workflows - Create and specify document process workflows according to any company's document activities and demands.

Document Authority Control (DAC) Pricing

ItemQuantityMSRPTrial Downloads
Reform Base Server 1 $985
Document Authority Control Per User $89

Example Total MSRP:

Reform Base Server + Document Authority Control (1 user) = $1074
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