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OMR Bubble Sheets - Education WorksheetsBubble Sheets are worksheets frequently used in education for classroom testing, grading, and student recordkeeping. This solution is inexpensive (1¢ per sheet vs. 8¢ per sheet!), efficient (MFP grades tests for you!) and easy to use (minimal or no IT involvement!).  The solution is multi-functional, as OMR / Bubble Sheet forms can also be utilized for performance evaluationsattendance sheets, and much more.

FabSoft's Hosted Cloud OMR / Bubble Sheet solution is ideal for teachers, as it allows them to become far more efficient in the classroom. With the Hosted Cloud OMR / Bubble Sheet solution, once an answer key is fed through the copy machine, the tests that follow are automatically graded. Teachers are now given more time to spend with students since there is no need to grade tests, exams, or quizzes by hand. To learn more about FabSoft's OMR / Bubble Sheet solution, please click here.

Take A Ride On The Cloud

The Hosted Cloud OMR / Bubble Sheet solution is a necessary tool for any organization within the education industry. All the "action" happens on the cloud system.

Not only is FabSoft's Hosted Cloud OMR / Bubble Sheet solution easy to use and set up involves minimal or no IT support, it is compatible with other business applications as well. This solution can be installed by anyone in minutes.

Route Documents To MOST From The Internet With MOST Cloud Service.

Hosted Cloud OMR / Bubble Sheet Pricing

Item Quantity MSRP
 Hosted Cloud OMR / Bubble Sheet
* Per MFP/Per Month
1-15 $36
16-30 $30
31-50 $26
Greater Than 51 $22

Example Scenarios:

Client needs 8 MFPs for a total of 24 months. This breaks down to (8 MFPs x 24 months) = 
192 (number of units). 192 x $36 (MSRP) = $6,912 total.

Client needs 16 MFPs for a total of 48 months. This breaks down to (16 MFPs x 48 months) = 
768 (number of units). 768 x $30 (MSRP) = $23,040 total

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