Reform Link: Document Processing Unit


Supercharge your document processes with Reform Link, an office automation product for SMB's.  



We believe every business, no matter the size, should run like a well-oiled machine. And the way to get your business to where it needs to be shouldn't be a complicated or expensive process. Reform Link has all the workflow tools a small-medium sized business (SMB) could possibly need, and their all merged into one small, affordable device. 



Connect Reform Link to your network, plug in the power cord, and begin experiencing improved efficiency and speed for all your document processes such as printing, scanning, faxing, and archiving to name a few. Office automation software has never been made this accessible to SMB's before. 


All Of Our Technologies Fused Into One Small Box

The ideal software package for small-to-medium sized businesses everywhere. Designed for easy installation and immediate use, Reform Link removes the hassles associated with the implementation of new business software.

Reform Link contains our entire Reform Business Platform pre-installed and ready to go. Over a dozen workflow technologies (see below) make-up our Reform Business Platform and instead of installing each technology individually and addressing those pesky post-installation issues, Reform Link has been engineered to house all of our workflow software in a compatible, fully-functioning state. Think of Reform Link as its own processing server, equipped with every worfklow technology a business could possibly need. Each pre-installed technology works together seamlessly to make your day-to-day document processes as simple and as quick as possible. 


Here is a complete list of all the office automation features inside Reform Link: 


Automatic Data Entry Scan to Archive Scan to Email Scan to Fax Pull Printing Zonal OCR
 Variable Data Printing  Data Capture & Routing  Print Tracking
 Mobile Printing  Document Barcoding Automated Grading
 Bubble Sheet Generator  Document Approval & Collaboration  Form Designer  MFP User Screen Designer Workflow Designer  Scan to Office 365



   Plug-In Ready

Bypass the steps usually associated with installing new software, such as product licensing and extensive system configurations, and start using our software directly out of the box. 


  Affordably Priced

Price-packaged specifically for small to medium sized businesses, so our powerful workflow automation tools can be inserted into any office confronting document workflow challenges.


  IT Cost Saver

Reform Link is a central hub for all of our products, which means there is no need to purchase dedicated servers for individual technologies. In addition, experience decreased server maintanence costs over time.


  Grows With Your Business

As your business evolves, and your needs expand, Reform Link can do the same in order to meet those growing demands. 


  Keep A Close Eye On Your Data

Maintain streams of confidential information in-house, and remove the security worries of having to use an outside server for data processing. 

Reform Link Pricing  

Item Desktop clients MFP clients Tracker clients MSRP Item Number
Reform Link Box - Small 5 2 50 $4,000 RFMLSMB-5
Reform Link Box - Medium 10 5 100 $7,000 RFMLSMB-10
Reform Link Box - Large 20 10 200 $11,000 RFMLSMB-20

*The approximate software value of each Reform Link box above is $32,500 (RFMLSMB-10), and $40,400 (RFMLSMB-20) dollars respectively. Depending on your business needs, the actual purchase price is $7,000 or $11,000 dollars.

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