Document CaptureVideo

Capturing Invoices from Quickbooks

This video demonstrates printing from a line of business application and how quickly the information can be repurposed. In this example, the invoice's important information will get extracted and placed in an XML file along with a PDF file. This window print driver is using Microsoft new v4 XPS technology.

General Business Printing

By using the advanced capture features this new driver can extract document information that contains both electronic and images in the same process. The UPD has both engines vector and OCR that will be used to intelligently identify and extract important document information. In this example, a user will fill in an HCFA healthcare form and have it delivered to a folder structure. The extracted information will be placed in an XML file next to the PDF image.


Document DeliveryVideo

Faxing using a dedicated virtual printer to etherfax

FabSoft Universal Printer Driver (UPD) allows users to create virtual printers for dedicated deliveries. In this video any application that prints to this specific printer will be delivered to etherfax. The UPD can be configured in many different ways and in this video it will prompt the user for a fax number.

Faxing using intelligent capture zones to automatically send to etherfax 

FabSoft Universal Printer Driver allows the user to select the information on the print job to be used for sending faxes. By using etherfax all information is secure from the workstation to the destination fax machine. All the software is built into the print driver an allowing easy setup and support.




Deploying this UPD Printer Driver to workstations using Microsoft Active Directory.

To deploy to many computers automatically the easiest method to use is Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy. This will allow the installation to automatically push and install to each of the intended workstations. When an update becomes available Microsoft Active Directory will also allow easy automatic updates too.


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