Smart print management software that reduces printing, scanning and copying expenses.

Reform Tracker Print Management SoftwareTracker is FabSoft's tracking software for printing, scanning, and copying needs. This print management software solution offers management of multiple cost recovery options in order to reduce the printing, scanning, and copying expenses within their organization.

Today, many organizations are unaware of how significant these costs can be on a daily basis. This print management solution enables management to enforce limits on the document-related activities mentioned above--helping employees stay within their allotted budgets. Tracker allows management to gather important information smoothly and seamlessly from one central location, eliminating wasted time searching for needed information. This solution can save organizations thousands of dollars by minimizing duplicate print jobs, paper jams, and various other MFP mishaps.

Tracker has been successfully used from the largest to smallest companies and everything in between. Even though the large companies have very complexed environments all companies have many different ways to print and scan. The chart below helps identify the different Tracker technologies used to obtain 100% print and scan coverage. 

Tracker Categories


Tracking Options

  • Workstation Tracker - Monitors & controls print usage at the workstation.
  • Print To Me Tracker - Monitors & tracks secure release printing.
  • Mobile Printing Tracker - Monitors & tracks mobile printing.
  • Print Server Tracker - Monitors & controls print usage at the print server.
  • MFP Tracker - Monitors & controls copying, printing, and scanning usage at the MFP.
  • HOST Tracker - Tracks Line Of Business (LOB) systems.

Tracker Components -- Monitoring

  • The Monitoring component is able to retrieve information about print jobs such as the number of pages, date printed, printing device, scanning device and other useful information.
  • Tracker offers a print management software solution in order to limit the print volume of a user or group based on the data being monitored.
  • It also allows for easy remote installation through simple and easy to use deployment tools.

Tracker Components -- Reporting

  • The Reporting component is able to intelligently gather data about the print jobs and compile it into user-friendly reports.
  • The reports are hosted on the Reform Tracker reporting website.
  • The reports can help identify and eliminate unauthorized or excessive print jobs for users.

Tracker Dashboard4


Tracker Cost Accounting

Tracker contains over 100 reports at your disposal. Below are some examples:

 Declining Balance Reports - Set up reports to manage printing, scanning, and copying capabilities throughout an organization. Should an employee hit a predetermined benchmark, he/she cannot print certain features.

 Green Reports - Energy efficient solution. Have the ability to choose printing finishing options such as black/white printing and duplex printing that can minimize printing and ink costs, as well as lessen the amount of paper used over time.

 Executive Summary Reports - These reports allow the user to have a high-level view of all the printing, scanning, and copying activity within an organization. 

 Geography Summary Reports - These reports give the user the ability to see how their printing, scanning, and copying habits are affecting the environment around them. Users can also see the location of the MFP, how people are using the MFP, as well as the energy produced while printing, scanning, and copying.

Tracker Pricing & Requirements

There are two different ways the Tracker product can be purchased, it is bundled into the Reform Link an all in one product and our downloadable software products, both types include exactly the same print management software.

Tracker pricing

ItemMSRP60 Day Trial DownloadItem NumberPurchase
10 Workstation Pack includes Management Website $485.00 RFMTWS10P-15 Buy Now

Reform Link Pricing

ItemDesktop clientsMOST clientsTracker clientsMSRPItem NumberPurchase
Reform Link Box - Small 5 2 50 $4,000 RFMLSMB-05 Buy Now
Reform Link Box - Medium 10 5 100 $7,000 RFMLSMB-10 Buy Now
Reform Link Box - Large 20 10 200 $11,000 RFMLSMB-20 Buy Now

60 Day Trial Download

  • Purchase inquiries can be made by contacting FabSoft's Sales Department directly at 973.767.2100 or emailing here.
  • Please note that all downloads come with a free 60-day trial evaluation, that can be fully activated later.