Universal Printer Driver (UPD)


VDPsm variable data printing software

Experience the thrill of automation

Revolutionary printer driver developed from the ground up on Windows latest v4 XPS driver technology. This printer driver will allow the user to quickly identify documents by mapping, classifying and routing them automatically in minutes. Once the quick learning is completed the next time the document is printed to this special driver it will automatically follow the learned process. FabSoft has been producing workflow printer drivers for the last 28 years, this driver is leveraging all our in-depth knowledge. Generated formats, XML, PDF, PCL, JSON, XPS and soon SQL, Web Sevice, SOAP and REST.

How Can Your Business Benefit From this Universal Printer Driver?

  • No need to alter your existing applications - The built-in design allows your users to quickly automate any type of repetitive document. Since this special printer driver acts like existing drivers you do not need to alter your existing applications. Improve the overall appearance of your documents, and continue to enhance their structure as your business needs evolve. 
  • Speed Up Document Processing - Manually processing documents is both tedious and time-consuming. In one fluid process, this special driver can intelligently take the data from a print job, extract and identify important information and then route this document to printers and many other devices at the same time.
  • Reduce Print Costs - Use this FabSoft UPD driver to route documents into a workflow instead of printing the document. This UPD driver can still send a copy to any printer if needed.
  • Less Data Entry Means Fewer Errors - Mistakes in data entry are common when document processes become prolonged and are rooted in manual processing. By utilizing our UPD it will reduce the possibility of human error and allow our technology to quickly automatical the workflow process.
  • Bridge The Paperless Gap - This driver can help with the first step towards a paperless office or the final step in your paperless transformation.


 Print from your favorite application to the "FabSoft Universal Print driver"
 UPD PrintDriverView


Quickly configure your document the first time using easy built-in designer, included in each print driver: UPD WorkflowView