Document Scanning Archiving Solutions

FabSoft's Reform Business Platform offers an intelligent capture solution that automates data collection and document management processes as well as converts pre-printed forms to electronic format for easy updating and use anywhere within an organization.

Send Documents to Email Systems

EmailsmOnce Reform has received the initial print stream from any operating system, inbound capture utility, line of business application, etc., it can enhance the print stream and send the information to printers, fax systems, email systems, and archive systems. Reform can also deliver emails to most common email systems in Vector PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, and PCX formats.

Integrating with your fax solution

Reform has connectors to most fax systems that are available today. This solution will not only retrieve all necessary fax information from your business application such as fax numbers, company name, contact name, subject, and notes, but will also intelligently organize and send the information provided to the current destination.

Business Printing Software Solutions

PrintsmFabSoft offers various integration solutions for secure intelligent printing from an MFP or printer. These solutions not only improve print management, but also document capture and enterprise document routing capabilities with full control over device features and functionalities.

Document Scanning Solutions

ScansmFabSoft offers two exceptional solutions to fulfill and exceed your scanning needs. MOST (Modular Object Scanning Technology) is an enterprise document capture and routing solution that provides on-demand delivery of documents right from your multi-function device (MFD). Tag Doc is a document barcoding scanning solution that automates such document workflow processes. 


Electronic Document Control Software

DocWorkflowsmTwo solutions that improve an organization's document workflow are Document Authority Control (DAC) and Tag Doc. DAC provides administration control over critical document processes. Tag Doc allows printed or scanned paperwork to receive FabSoft's proprietary Tag Doc barcode to provide automatic archiving, routing, and easy retrieval services.


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