Email System Solutions

EmailOnce Reform has received the initial print stream from any operating system, inbound capture utility, line of business application, etc., it can enhance the print stream and send the information to printers, fax systems, email systems, and archive systems. Reform can deliver emails to most common email systems in Vector PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, and PCX formats.

Email Requirements:

  •  Standard SMTP E-Mail Server
  •  Exchange Server
  •  Any Version of Outlook
  •  Any Version of Lotus Notes

Types of Security Methods That Can Be Added To Any PDF Format

  •  128 bit encryption
  •  Password
  •  Printing restrictions
  •  Copy restrictions
  •  Saving restrictions
  •  Editing restrictions

Reform® Can Retrieve Email Information In 3 Ways:

  • From A Text File - If an email address is in the information sent from your application (accounting, form generation system, etc.), it can be read by using a special field called "email-to" on the text layer.
  • From A Database - An email address can be searched using the information sent from your application (accounting, form generation system, etc.). Reform provides a lookup database that can store all of your clients' information. This provides the user with a convenient way to retrieve any necessary information needed to automate email processing. For example, if the contact name of your client appears in the information sent by your application, Reform can use it to look up his/her email address and send the printout accordingly.
  • From An ODBC Compliant Database - Reform can use a custom defined map to any ODBC database to retrieve email information.

Email Solution Pricing

Reform Base Server 1 $985
Email Connector Per Server License $1,370
Reform VDP 1 $3,295
*Please note that all downloads come with a free 60-day trial evaluation 

Example Total MSRP

Reform Base Server + Email Connector + Reform VDP = $5,650

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