Reform has connectors to most fax systems that are available today. Our fax connectors will not only retrieve all necessary fax information from the initial print stream data such as fax numbers, company name, contact name, subject, and notes, but will also intelligently organize and send the information provided to the correct destination. A fax can be personalized to include cover pages for documents and forms, and if fax information is not available, Reform will search it by Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) or a built-in cross reference table.

Benefits of Integrating a Fax System With Reform from Business Application

  • Allow your business application to provide all the information to deliver the fax.
  • Documents and forms can be enhanced in Reform instead of your business application.
  • Quick connectors allow easy intelligent integrations for any size company.

Benefits of faxing from copy machine to your fax solution

  • Allow your user to quickly scan documents quickly with interactive screens.
  • Using a WYSIWYG designer you can alter the screens for different users and groups.
  • Quick connectors allow easy intelligent integrations for any size company.
  • Centralize fax lines to save on cost and management

Fax System Automated Fax Scenario With Reform

Typically, a purchase order agent would receive a purchase order and enter it into an order entry system, print it, and manually fax it. However, by integrating Reform with the enterprise fax system, the PO agent would only need to enter the purchase order. Equipped with a fax connector, Reform can capture print stream data from the PO and intelligently route it to a fax server where cover pages can be added automatically when faxed. 

In order to achieve this, the first step is to redesign the purchase orders. It would be more efficient to have an electronic PO template than a pre-printed template because it can be customized when demands change. Reform has a WYSIWYG editor that enables this capability. Placeholders for all of the information relating to the PO can be added along with logos, different fonts, images, and other design features. Once the PO template has been created, the next step would be to have Reform process the template so that it can intelligently populate the PO with information in the placeholders.

Then, the fax information such as company name, contact name, fax number, subject, notes and cover page name would be extracted from the PO. Finally, the PO is routed to the fax server and queued for faxing on the enterprise fax system.

Reform Bulk Faxing Example

An order entry manager may create a query of all customers that have outstanding balances in his/her financial system. For the past month, there may be 1,500 statements totaling up to 1,700 because 200 of these statements are two pages long. By sending the print job to Reform, it will automatically recognize the 1,500 statements, create different fax jobs, and fax them out to the 1,500 customers.

Fax Solution Pricing

ItemQuantityMSRPTrial Version
Reform Base Server 1 $985
Fax Connector 1 $2,063
Reform VDP 1 $3,295

Example Total MSRP:

Reform Base Server + Reform VDP + Fax Connector = $6,343
  • Purchase inquiries can be made by contacting FabSoft's Sales Department directly at 973.767.2100 or emailing here.
  • Please note that all downloads come with a free 60-day trial evaluation.