Secure Intelligent Printing Solutions

FabSoft Secure Printing SolutionsFabSoft offers various integration solutions for secure intelligent printing from an MFP or printer. These solutions not only improve print management, but also document capture and enterprise document management capabilities with full control over device features and functionalities. With the installation of the enterprise class business platform, Reform, organizations can leverage the following secure printing options to reduce print costs, regain a hold over your document management, and improve document workflow.

  • Print To Me - A solution for printing documents to the network and accessing them from any MFP location.
  • Print To Me Mobile - A mobile printing solution that enables document printing from virtually anywhere using an Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, or tablet.
  • Desktop Filler - Access, auto-populate, and route documents from an MFP.
  • Form Medic - A Health Information Management solution for processing healthcare documents specifically with the same capabilities as Form Filler.

Enterprise Document Routing & Capture Solutions

With Reform, document print stream data is captured and routed to any MFP on the network. No matter what the document format is, Reform, along with any of the above secure printing options, will be able to intelligently route the document using the built-in Reform Printer Driver. Below are all of the Operating Systems that print stream data, various input/output formats that can be routed, and communication types for Web-To-Print printing to an MFP or printer:

  • Operating Systems
    • Windows
    • Unix
    • AIX
    • HP300
    • SCO
    • iSeries
    • AS/400
    • VAX
  • Various Input / Output Formats (All Windows Application Formats Are Available)
    • ASCII
    • PCL
    • Postscript
    • PDF
    • CSV
    • AFP
    • XHML
    • HTML
    • ZPL
    • RPCS
  • Communication Types
    • LPR/LPD
    • 9100
    • TCP/IP
    • FTP
    • SFTP
    • IPDS
    • JDJE
  • Redirect Print Jobs To Different Printers
  • Print Securely To A Remote Location Without A Public IP Address
  • Scan A Document To A Remote Printer
  • Load / Error Balancing (Inoperable or busy devices are automatically bypassed.)

Document Enhancement & Form Design Solutions

Form overlays are used to improve print stream data and merge variable data onto designed forms. Reform has a WYSIWYG editor to recreate pre-printed forms and apply data to them when routed to an MFP or printer. Through secure intelligent printing, documents or forms processed by Reform will have excellent Web-To-Print quality due to the following advanced features that are available to the user for customization:

  • Add High-Quality Designer Objects
    • Logos
    • Colors
    • Shapes
    • Lines
    • Barcodes
    • Signatures
  • Add Various Barcode Formats To Documents
    • Tag Doc
    • Standard
    • 1-Dimensional
    • 2-Dimensional
  • Replace Dot Matrix Printers / Pre-Printed Forms - Designed forms can now be printed to any high-speed printer or MFP, eliminating dot matrix printers and pre-printed forms.

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