Document Authority Control(DAC)

Document Auhtority Control Workflow SolutionDocument Authority Control (DAC) provides administration control over critical document processes. There are many cases when certain individuals or groups in a company may need to review, authorize, or collaborate on important documents. DAC simplifies this process by providing the following features:

  • Automatic Notification - Document Authority Control will notify required recipients of awaiting documents.
  • Web Access - From the DAC web interface, users can view the documents as well as edit, approve, or reject them as needed.
  • Automatic Routing - Depending on the user’s actions, DAC will continue to route the document for further processing. The initiating user can be notified of rejections, team members can receive revisions, and approved paperwork can move on to the next individual or department.
  • Customizable Workflow - DAC lets you define the workflow according to your organization’s activities and demands. With DAC, users can set rules to determine where documents should be routed.

Tag Doc

When it comes to workflow, actions are often triggered by the delivery or receipt of specific documents. With Tag Doc, printed or scanned paperwork is tagged with FabSoft’s proprietary Tag Doc barcode. Doing so provides the following features on scanning these barcoded documents:

  • Automatic Archiving - The content of the document is used for archiving and indexing to digital archive systems.
  • Routing To Printers, Fax, & Email - Forms are automatically routed to network printers or to recipients via fax or email.
  • Search & Retrieval - Tag Doc stores the actual content of the documents allowing for reliable search results and quick, effortless document retrieval.
  • 100% Accuracy - Tag Doc removes the potential for errors due to manually managing documents, which frees up time and allows business productivity levels to rise.

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