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Sports Design Testimonial


"I just wanted to write to say how pleased we are with the Reform electronic forms solution in conjunction with our Macola software. With very little technical assistance, we were able to completely automate printing of pick tickets, packing lists, labels, invoices and purchase orders. In fact, we are using the email abilities of Reform to email our POs to our suppliers as .pdf attachments."

Terry Willett
Sports Design & Development

Shearform Testimonial


"Your product Reform has changed the way we do business...we are saving hours each week because of the document handle feature that comes with your product. Reform was so easy to use and install, it looks like it is part of our Peachtree Account System. Your system has allowed us to rid ourselves of the headaches of dot matrix and multi-part forms."

Steven Festa
Shearform, Inc.

Harco Testimonial


"I have just received Reform VDP and I was extemely surprised and delighted with the entire experience. Our company uses Business Vision 2000 software, and we have been, until now, disappointed wiht the plain output of our invoices, statements and packing slips. After installing Reform VDP and working with its 'form editor', we were more than happy with the results; it gave us exactly what we needed."

Derek Bronson
IT Manager
Harco Co. Ltd.

Glenroe Technologies Testimonial

 "Recently our company has begun barcoding our 3,000 plus inventory items, in addition to our internal and external purchase orders. Reform VDP's ability to work with text is incredible and very easy to work with. In fact, we were able to create 8 custom forms in less then a week. This is great considering that most reports in Dynamics we try to get have errors, and take weeks before we can get the full functionality that we need from them."

Brian Healey
Asst. Financial Controller
Glenroe Technologies

Conveymor Testimonial


"We have been using Reform for about 2 months now and are very pleased with the results. Our company uses ACCPAC from Computer Associates as our accounting program. Your product has breathed new life into our accounting system. We are now able to add graphics and formatting any way we want. Your technical support was superb. We called several times with questions and received instant responses."

Andrew Adams

Scott Nelson Testimonial


"By combining Reform and FaxPress on the Windows 98 PC, we can send faxes directly from the application software. No need for expensive Unix fax software. We even get an e-mail sent to the originator of the fax by passing data through Reform to FaxPress, back to a text file disguised as a printer, and onto the Unix e-mail program. Seamless, fast, easy."

Scott Nelson

Resource Phoenix Testimonial


"We have been using Reform VDP to produce Checks from our E-Financials system and are very pleased with the results. FabSoft has solved one of the major difficulties in switching from pre-printed Checks to printing Checks on blank "safe paper" by creating a script to sequentially number the Checks as they are formatted by Reform VDP. During the initial evaluation of Reform VDP we called upon the FabSoft technical team on a daily basis. Your technical support was superb."

Karl Hoppe

Best Manufacturing Testimonial


"We have been researching the best way to implement our Form printing on AS400 without expending to another platform. After looking at FabSoft's Reform application we realized going "out of the box" may be the best and the easiest solution. Your staff was prompt to deliver the forms and it did not take us long to learn how to adjust and maintain them. We print and e-mail Invoices, Pick Tickets, Tallies and other documents on more than 30 different forms in 11 locations and it is easy and convenient!"

Best Manufacturing, LLC

Banca Testimonial


"I would just like to stress my satisfaction in using the FabSoft Reform application which we recently began utilizing here at Banca IMI Securities Corp. This product has automated our confirm printing system and increased the productivity output for our BackOffice department. In the past we relied on printing out confirms the following day which caused excessive delays in providing our clients with up-to-date information."

Steven Dignam
Banca IMI Securities Corp.

World Wide Technology Testimonial


"Integrating Reform was simple. Our PO's are text-only print jobs with the graphics being on the pre-printed form. I used an LPR/LPD emulator on the Windows server running Reform to make the server "look like" just another UNIX LPR printer. Solaris just "prints" the form to that printer, and the text stream ends up on the hard drive in the Reform input queue. It's virtually bullet-proof."

World Wide Technology, Inc.

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