Form Medic - Health Information Management (HIM) System

Healthcare Industry Using Form MedicForm Medic is a Health Information Management (HIM) solution that converts pre-printed healthcare forms into an electronic format and allows users to access, auto-populate, process, and print from a desktop PC or MFP. With the same functionality as Desktop Filler, Form Medic is more suitable for the healthcare industry in managing vital healthcare information.

All healthcare organizations face challenges with healthcare information management and healthcare form distribution. Since the majority of forms are on paper, it tends to be quite expensive to purchase and store pre-printed forms, and ensuring that the forms filled out by patients are accurate and legible could be an issue. Furthermore, depending on the healthcare organization, these forms may need to be changed periodically so they could have information on them that quickly becomes obsolete.

Reports from the Institute of Medicine show that as many as 44,000 to 98,000 patients die each year due to medical errors in hospitals, with the majority of these errors occurring during the ordering and patient management stages.

Form Medic alleviates those problems with the ability to re-create pre-printed healthcare forms by utilizing the built-in WYSIWYG editor, extracting patient information from a database and auto-populating the form fields with the correct information while routing it to any destination or device such as an archive system, fax, email, or printer. It manages all healthcare information securely through a 512-bit encryption and complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements that all health institutions must follow.

How Can Form Medic Benefit Healthcare Organizations?

  • Powerful, Dynamic Electronic Healthcare Forms - Convert pre-printed healthcare forms and electronic format to dynamically process patient records efficiently from a desktop or MFP.
  • Managing Health Information Just Became Easier - Process and manage patient records from the desktop or MFP using a database.
  • Cost Effective - Save thousands of dollars annually on purchasing pre-printed forms by converting to electronic custom healthcare forms.
  • Streamline Custom Form Management - Custom healthcare forms can be stored in one central location.
  • On-Demand Access - Conveniently access all custom forms upon login at the desktop or MFP.

    Form Medic MFP Screen

    Form Medic MFP Screen - select, lookup, and enter patient information.

  • 100% Accurate, Authentic, and Legible - Custom healthcare forms are populated with clear information from the desktop Form Filler WYSIWYG editor or when printed at the MFP using database information. This eliminates any critical errors that can potentially expose patient confidentiality to others.
  • Barcode Tagging & Automatic Distribution - Add barcodes to custom healthcare forms with our document tagging solution, Tag Doc, for a document scanning workflow. When scanned, healthcare forms are automatically routed to an ERM system, fax, email, or printer.

    Custom Healthcare Forms Embedded With The Tag Doc Barcode

    Tag Custom Healthcare Forms With A Barcode

Form Medic Pricing

ItemQuantityMSRPTrial Downloads
Reform Base Server 1 $985

Example Total MSRP:

Reform Base Server + MOST Pack (10) = $9,540
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