MOST is the document scanning and routing software component of our Reform®  document management system.

MOST Document Capture Workflow 

MOST is a document capture and distribution solution capable of not only digitizing documents but also delivering files quickly and securely from the convenience of your multi-function device (MFD). With just one visit to the MFD, documents can be copied, indexed, and then routed to a specific printer, fax machine, personal inbox, or document management system.

MOST has been designed to provide the best user experience possible. Take document scanning and routing, an essential part of any company's daily routine, and make it a more efficient, accelerated process with this premier solution.

So How Can MOST Benefit You?

  • Route Documents From Your MFD Conveniently access data from databases and input document routing information directly from the MFD screen--deliver multiple documents to multiple recipients at a time. Search and select fax cover pages, fax numbers, email addresses, and more. MOST seamlessly integrates with leading document management systems such as SharePoint, allowing users to configure their documents to be automatically archived. Specify directory locations, indexes, descriptions, document types, and more directly from the MFD screen.
  • Multi-Threading Feature - Captured data is processed at a faster, more accurate rate given the funneling of information through multiple processing threads instead of just one. 
  • Reliability - MOST also uses enterprise-wide load and error balancing technology for checking the status of successful document routing and activity logs to ensure document delivery and proper device usage.
  • Security - Enhanced information security via login verification and SSL encryption. Profiles can be created for individuals or user groups and each user will have their own interface regardless of which MFD they are using.
  • Boost User Experience Through Customized Screens - MOST's intuitive, WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") screen design tool can be used to create MFD screen displays for specific document workflows. For example, the Zonal OCR feature within Reform VDP calls for a well-organized interface so users can quickly associate which OCR tab corresponds to the document workflow they are about to initiate. MOST's Screen Designer would be the tool to use in order to place and label tabs appropriately. 
  • Update & Install In Batches - Easily update and install MOST on multiple machines with MOST’s mass deployment tool. You'll be ready to scan and route documents in no time.
  • Seamless Integration & Scalability - No matter how intense or complicated your internal systems may be, MOST can be scaled up or down to provide you with the ideal technology fit for your needs. In addition, any-sized scanner is compatible--everything from a desktop scanner all the way to an enterprise-level MFD. 
  • User-Friendly - Once installed, the learning curve is reduced to an absolute minimum. MOST was designed with the end-user in mind. It's simply a matter of scanning your document(s), choosing your destination(s), and hitting send.  

 Try a free 60-day trial below—you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. 

MOST Pricing

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Scan To Archive MOST MFD Screen

MOST Archive Screen

MOST Scan To Email MFD Screen 

MOST Email Screen

MOST Scan To Fax MFD Screen

MOST Fax Screen

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