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Flexible pull printing software that protects sensitive documents while reducing costs and paper waste. 

Transform the way your business prints. Send your print jobs to our Reform Print Server, and print your documents where and when you want to. Every office printer should be a resource you can leverage.

Print From Any Printer In The Office

Print To Me pull printing software provides the user with the flexibility to print documents from any enabled printer in their network. You can circumvent paper jams, busy or out-of-service printers, and select the next available device for your output needs. Not to mention, there is no longer any need to sync or connect a computer to a particular printer—with our Print To Me product installed, you are sending documents to a server, from which you can pull down and print your file from any printing device.

Reduce Print Costs

From your desktop, you can send print jobs to our Reform Server, at which point they are immediately processed and prepped for printing. Originally, print jobs were sent directly from your computer to a specified printer and would start printing instantly. Through Print To Me secure pull printing software, all print jobs are placed in a queue and offer the end-user a second opportunity to cancel print jobs that may be deemed unnecessary to print.

Secure Release Printing & Roaming Profiles

Our secure release feature is intended to safeguard sensitive information and keep confidential documents from getting into the wrong hands. Quickly input your personal credentials at your MFP of choice, and securely print your document(s) from our Reform Print Server. With your roaming profile, you can access any MFP in your vicinity and since you are releasing a print job from an actual printer, there is no longer a need to rush to a printer to collect confidential documentation—you are already there.

Multiple Thread Processing

Speaking in enterprise terms, businesses with large, widespread operations would appreciate the multi-threading capability built into Print To Me. Often times, a print server can become overwhelmed by a high volume of user requests, or can only process one request at a time. With Print To Me, multiple users are able to print from multiple locations simultaneously without encountering delays at the point of release. Given the scalability of this solution, it doesn't matter if there are 10 or 10,000 printers in your network, documents are processed and printed at the same effective rate.

Print To Me pull printing software allows users to leverage their iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or tablet to print any document using Print To Me Mobile. Click here to learn more about Print To Me Mobile.

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There are two different ways the Print To Me product can be purchased, bundled into the Reform Link an all in one product or as a downloadable software product.

Print To Me Pricing

ItemPrint To Me UsersPrint To Me Mobile UsersMSRP60 Day Trial DownloadPurchase
MOST 10 MFP Package
Unlimited Unlimited $3,950 Buy Now

Reform Link Pricing

ItemPrint To Me UsersPrint To Me Mobile UsersMOST clientsTracker clientsMSRPPurchase
Reform Link Box - Small Unlimited Unlimited 2 50 $4,000 Buy Now
Reform Link Box - Medium Unlimited Unlimited 5 100 $7,000 Buy Now
Reform Link Box - Large Unlimited Unlimited 10 200 $11,000 Buy Now

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