Reform Archive is a document management system containing the most powerful workflow automation tools in the industry.



Powerful Document Management System

Reform Archive is a powerful document repository that can store common document types. It comes with many features that make it easy to adapt to any type of business. One of the primary goals of this product is to webify an existing folder structure, it will not only allow web access but also OCR and index existing documents but leave them untouched in their existing folders.

Technologies that come included with Reform Archive: 


OCR - Reform Archive will OCR the scanned document, the OCR information will get stored in a SQL database for quick searching. The common files used in OCR are Tiff and PDFs, all MS office files are considered vector so all the text will get naturally used for retrieval.


Storing Files - There are many ways to store files, drag files into the website, browse to a file in your directory, place a file into a network share or use one of the many FabSoft workflow technologies to automate a workflow process.


Workflow Designer - a tool that is used to allow users to design workflow using visual tools.


Existing Network Shares

Reform Archive has been designed to allow existing network shared to be ingested so users and administrators can now have easy control by the website or folder structure. In many cases companies set up, quick network stares to allow users to store and share files. Over time these directories get larger and unorganized, Reform Archive allows you to quickly take control of these shared folders without making any modification to the existing structure. Once Reform Archive is pointed at this new folder share users can continue using their old methods or start using the new methods like the website interface.

  Affordably Priced

Price-packaged specifically for small to medium-sized businesses or departments, so our powerful workflow automation tools can be inserted into any office document workflow.

  IT Cost Saver

Reform Archive can use your existing infrastructure such has VM server and SQL Server, which means there is no need to purchase dedicated servers for individual technologies. 

  Grows With Your Business

As your business evolves, and your document management system needs to expand, Reform Archive can be easily expanded in order to meet your growing demands. 

  Keep A Close Eye On Your Data

Maintain streams of confidential information in-house, and remove the security worries of having to use an outside server for document management. Reform Archive has a built-in back up functions to keep a separate secure directory structure to allow administrators to either do a total restore or move all the documents and information to another solution.

There are two different ways the Reform Archive product can be purchased, it is bundled into the Reform Link an all in one product and our downloadable software products, both types include the same Reform Archive software.

Reform Archive Pricing  

ItemMSRPItem NumberPurchase
Reform Archive 10 user pack includes server software $489.00 RFMSS10P-15 Buy Now

Note: Reform Archive has been used and stress tested for up to 250 users.

Reform Link Pricing

ItemArchive clientsMOST clientsTracker clientsMSRPItem NumberPurchase
Reform Link Box - Small 5 2 50 $4,000 RFMLSMB-05 Buy Now
Reform Link Box - Medium 10 5 100 $7,000 RFMLSMB-10 Buy Now
Reform Link Box - Large 20 10 200 $11,000 RFMLSMB-20 Buy Now

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