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Tag Doc Document Workflow - Scan To Archive, Printer, MFP, Fax, and Email

Tag Doc is a document barcode scanning solution that automates document scanning workflow processes using an MFP or printer/scanner. It also allows the ability to tag documents with a proprietary barcode that is already built-in with the software for electronic document scanning capabilities. Organizations are always looking to reduce or eliminate the stress of manually managing documents. Additionally, the onset of certain documents may need to trigger certain events to occur; for example, when a completed pick ticket is received through an order entry system, the invoice must be generated automatically with all of the associated information.

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With Tag Doc, all document management problems are eliminated with the document scanning workflow capability. Documents that are tagged with a barcode can be scanned in at an MFP for recognition and automatically routed to any major archive system, stored as a print job, queued as a fax job, or sent to a specified email address.

Tag Doc Proprietary Barcode - Document Scanning Workflow Automation

Tag Doc Barcode

Sometimes typical barcodes such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can be unrecognizable due to poor quality scans, or document print has faded. The Tag Doc barcode is designed specifically for accurate barcode recognition, no matter what the conditions may be, so that documents are always reliably distributed through an automatic workflow.

How Can Tag Doc Benefit Your Organization?

  • Tag & Print Documents - Documents are automatically tagged with a barcode and can be scanned in for automatic printing.
  • Scan & Distribute Documents - Printed documents can be scanned in at an MFP or scanner and distributed to the specified destination with the associated information populated to it.
  • Reliability & Accuracy - OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or Zonal OCR type processes are inaccurate and unreliable. Reasons why OCR is unreliable and not very accurate are because of the following:
    • OCR is not 100% guaranteed to recognize characters.
    • OCR relies heavily on document appearance. This might cause errors such as unrecognizable or colored font, image misalignment, or weak imagining or text due to scanning issues.
    • When errors occur due to OCR, they must be carefully examined and altered manually which halts production time.
  • Archive & Retrieve Documents - When scanned, documents can be automatically routed to an archive system and indexed for fast retrieval through keyword searching.
  • Log & Fix Errors - Generate notice or exception reports for documents that have been scanned incorrectly.
  • Share & Access Documents - Through document barcode tagging and scanning capabilities, document information can be shared with others when necessary through any network terminal or remote computer. Examples include servers, email systems, or fax systems.

Tag Doc Pricing

Item Quantity MSRP Trial Downloads
Reform Base Server 1 $985
Variable Data Printing (VDP) 1 $3,295
Tag Doc 1 $2,063

Example Total MSRP:

Reform Base Server + VDP + Tag Doc = $6,343
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