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User Printing With The Reform Printer Driver

User Printing with the Reform Printer Driver provides a complete solution for on-demand document management and delivery. With the Reform Printer Driver, a user prints from their application and can quickly specify the destination of their documents to various devices.

For example, a user creates a file in Microsoft Word and upon printing, a separate window prompts the user to configure various device settings and options. These adjustable settings can include printer options such as color, media type, duplex, stapling, and other settings. Fax numbers and memos can be entered to deliver the document to fax. Indexes, directory locations, descriptions, and form types can be specified in order to archive documents to digital archive systems.

Once the user has inputted all of the desired destination information for the document, it is then used to route the document accordingly.

The User Printing solution provides users with the advantage of indicating document delivery details directly from their application, resulting in time and cost savings, elimination of errors due to physical filing, and an increased access and sharing of useful information. Additionally, the window can be modified to include whatever options and fields desired. This guarantees that documents are delivered to the correct locations and allows control over which folders, devices, print options, and other settings are accessible.

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