Microsoft Exchange

Deliver secure, personalized emails from the convenience of a desktop or multi-function copier. 

Our Exchange Connector can turn your multi-function copier into an extension of your Outlook account. Approach any multi-function copier in your network, scan in a document, and run a global address search to select the recipients for these scanned files. Take it a step further and personalize your email from the multi-function copier screen by including a subject line, body message, and even password-securing any PDF attachments. A copy of your sent email will appear in your sent folder and the recipients will see that it came from you.

With these features, your recipients will feel much more at ease knowing these emails are coming from a reliable, trusted source instead of an anonymous sender.

Scan & Route Documents via a Multi-Function Copier

Our Microsoft Exchange Connector allows you to complete two normally separate tasks (scan to desktop & email a scanned document) in one sit-in and with one device--your multi-function copier. From your network-connected copier, input all the necessary bits of information you would usually include in your emails and select the onscreen scan-to-email option. 

Advanced Print Driver

Through both our print driver technology and Exchange Connector, the user can route newly scanned documents to one or more email recipients from their desktop computers. With a regular, twain-based desktop scanner, ad hoc scanning to multiple email addresses is possible. Whether you have a document opened up on your computer in Microsoft Word, PDF or any other Windows-based document, the end-user will always be able to click "file", scroll down and select "Scan to Email". 

VDP & Microsoft Exchange

Once our variable data technology populates a document and then scans the form for its corresponding routing information, it will then identify if an email address is present on the form.  Our Exchange Connector will then route the document accordingly to the correct email recipient. 

Quick Facts 

  • Streamlined Scanning - Deliver your scanned material directly to an email recipient from a desktop or multi-function copier in a matter of seconds.

  • Message Personalization - Include details such as a subject line, body message, and copy an unlimited amount of people—not to mention, a duplicate of the sent email is automatically saved to your Sent Folder within Outlook.

  • Email Directory - Search through your company's entire email directory from your multi-function copier screen and select the email addresses.

  • Password-Protected PDF's - Add another layer of protection to your attachment and require the recipient to input a password in order to read its contents.

  • Full Connectivity - Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. 


Please Note: Pricing may vary depending on your specific workflow needs. Contact us to receive a detailed price quote.


ItemQuantityMSRPTrial Download
Reform® V15 Base Server 1 $985 Included in VDP Download
Reform® VDP 1 $3,295
Microsoft Exchange Connector 1 $1,370
MOST Client
Reform® Advanced Print Driver (per workstation) 1 $138  Included in VDP Download

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