Microsoft Fax

Start faxing the modern way, and save big on IT costs.

If your business utilizes traditional faxing, take a moment to consider its total cost of ownership. The expense of purchasing a fax machine, installing a fax line, and taking on the recurring costs of a live fax service can certainly add up. On top of that, factor in the costs resulting from manual input processing such as entering fax numbers, creating individual cover sheets, or waiting for delivery confirmations. These steps consume business resources unnecessarily, and open the door to errors in data entry. Traditional faxing is simply not efficient. 

 Our Microsoft Fax Connector leaves the financial drawbacks of traditional faxing in the past, and presents the user with a more convenient and automated way to fax sensitive documentation. 

Scan & Route Documents via a Multi-Function Copier 

With our Microsoft Fax Connector, visit a multi-function copier within your network, and scan your documents directly to a fax machine. It is a faster, and more cost-effective alternative than traditional faxing. 

Advanced Print Driver

Through our print driver technology and our Fax Connector, the user can fax documents from their desktop computers. Handle any ad hoc faxing that comes your way with the addition of a twain-based desktop scanner. Whether you have a document opened up on your computer in Microsoft Word, PDF or any other Windows-based document, simply click "file", scroll down, and select "Scan to Fax". 

VDP & Microsoft Fax

Variable data distribution via our Fax Connector involves little to no involvement for the end-user. Once our variable data technology populates and scans a document for its corresponding routing information, it will then identify if a fax number is present on the form and automatically route the form through your Microsoft Fax Server. 

Quick Facts 

  • Immediate Cost Savings - Save on installation and operation costs associated with a tradtional fax line--scan your fax jobs directly to a fax machine. In addition, Microsoft Fax is already pre-installed into every Microsoft Server, lowering your total cost of ownership even further.  

  • An Out-of-the-Box Solution - With Microsoft Fax already installed, our fax connector can begin functioning immediately after its own installation is complete. No need for any additional middleware.

  • Look Up Address Books - Use your copier as a resource to find company-wide fax numbers without having to leave the scanning station.

  • Add A Personal Touch - From your multi-function copier, input and save cover page information for different recipients. Access this information from any copier in your network.

  • Full Compatibility With High Quality Hardware - Take advantage of an entire network of multi-function copiers with our connector's wide-range, hardware compatibility. Our connector can work with Ricoh, Lexmark, HP, Savin, and Lanier copy machines with ease.


Please Note: Pricing may vary depending on your specific workflow needs. Contact us to receive a detailed price quote.


ItemQuantityMSRPTrial Download
Reform® V15 Base Server 1 $985
Reform® VDP 1 $3,295
Microsoft Fax Connector 1 $2,063
MOST Client
Reform® Advanced Print Driver (per workstation) 1 $138  Included in VDP Download


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