Microsoft SharePoint

Uploading files to SharePoint just got way easier, and much faster. 

Necessary yet tedious office processes such as document archiving, are notorious for being time-consuming. Software that is capable of taking these multi-step processes and turning them into quicker, standardized procedures is beneficial to a document-intensive business. We have taken the most reliable document management system on the market, Microsoft SharePoint, and created an exclusive connector, which will allow the user to scan and print documents to SharePoint without having to leave their desktop or multi-function copier.

Whether your archiving workflow begins at a desktop copier or multi-function copier, our SharePoint Connector is designed to fit seamlessly into your document management process.

Scan & Route Documents via a Multi-Function Copier

Digitize and deliver documents to a specified SharePoint folder from your network-connnected multi-function copier. Eliminate that predictable trip back to your desktop computer, which you would normally use to upload a file to SharePoint. Now take care of your archiving from a single location.   

Advanced Print Driver

With our print driver technology working side-by-side with our SharePoint Connector, the user is able to to archive documents from their desktop computers. Handle any ad hoc SharePoint filing that comes your way with the addition of a regular, twain-based desktop scanner. Whether you have a document opened up on your computer in a Microsoft Word, PDF or any other Windows-based format, our connector will allow you to click "file", scroll down and select "Scan to SP". 

VDP & SharePoint 

Compared to our print driver distribution, variable data distribution via our connector involves little to no involvement from the end-user side. Once our variable data technology populates and scans a document for its corresponding routing information, it will then identify if a SharePoint folder name is present on the form and automatically route the file to the appropriate SharePoint destination.  

Quick Facts 

  • User Experience - New technology shouldn't be complicated to use. Our user interface is intuitive, responsive, and designed to save you time.  

  • One-Stop Archiving - Scan, index, and route files to your preferred destination from your desktop or multi-function copier. 

  • Print & Store Simultaneously - Print a form, and at the same time store this document within a specified SharePoint folder. Two workflow processes merged into one on-screen command.

  • Bi-Directional Functionality - Access and review stored SharePoint files without having to return to your computer. Then select a SharePoint file from the copier screen and print it out. Also, with this functionality experience guaranteed delivery of your scanned documents into SharePoint.

  • Swift Communication - Boost productivity within your team and/or department by uploading reviewable documents at a quicker rate than before. 


Please Note: Pricing may vary depending on your specific workflow needs. Contact us to receive a detailed price quote.   


ItemQuantityMSRPTrial Download
Reform® V15 Base Server 1 $985
Reform® VDP 1 $3,295
Microsoft SharePoint Connector 1 $1,601
MOST Client
Reform® Advanced Print Driver (per workstation) 1 $138 Included in VDP Download

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