Professional Services SupportFabSoft's success has always been acknowledged for our outstanding customer service and product support. We have highly trained engineers who are knowledgeable at finding the problem, accessing the problem, and providing additional solutions to ensure that the user experience is as friendly as possible. Below are some of the support options that are available to help you get started on submitting a support incident to our Professional Services department.

**PLEASE NOTE** Effective January 1, 2016, FabSoft Will No Longer Support Reform Version 14. Currently, Support will only be given to Reform Version 15 software.

FabSoft Support Forum

Our free Support Forum is where you can post an issue and members of FabSoft's Support and engineering Team will respond promptly. You can also browse through the forum and see if any previous postings contain helpful information. The more detail you provide us in your question or issue, the more efficiently we will be able to help you.

Support Agreement

Support Agreements are typically purchased when buying or upgrading, if you do not have a support agreement or if you don't know if you have a support agreement please contact FabSoft by sending an email to [email protected] or calling (973)767-2100.

FabSoft Consultation

(To use this option, you must have Reform V15)

FabSoft Consultation is given per hour and is for those that need assistance with making any changes or additions to their workflow. A representative from FabSoft will contact you to provide reasonable guidance and direction. Assistance is given on a best effort basis and FabSoft cannot guarantee that every support request will be resolved. The minimum block of time you can purchase is (5) hours. Contact FabSoft Sales 973.767.2100 or [email protected] to purchase Consultation.


Request A Scope Of Work (SOW)

(To use this option, you must have Reform V15)

Scope of Work (SOW) requests are generally for new implementations or performing major changes to a workflow (over 15 hours of work). A representative from FabSoft will work with you in order to clearly define the desired workflow and collect data samples. A FabSoft engineer will review the request and then create a Scope of Work. The SOW will outline your expectations and provide you with the list of required software components along with a price for our Professional Service team to turn-key the implementation. We will guarantee our work and that it will be completed for the price disclosed in the SOW. This can take up to 10 business days to complete. Contact FabSoft Sales 973.767.2100 or [email protected] to request a Scope of Work.

Product Reactivation

Product Documents

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