Universal Printer Driver (UPD)


  • All components are built into the printer driver, no server needed.
  • Automatically installs as a 60-day full trial, a purchased is required to continue use after 60 days.
  • Sold as a yearly subscription, renew every year or purchase years in advanced. 
  • Sold per user, if the user has more than one computer only one license is needed assuming the user is on the same Microsoft Active Directory Domain.


ItemMSRP (per year) USDVolume DiscountPurchase
UPD 1-user license $68 0% Buy Now
UPD 100-user license $6,460 5% Buy Now
UPD 1,000-user license $61,200 10% Buy Now
UPD 5,000-user license $289,000 15% Buy Now

30-day money back guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied you can notify FabSoft at [email protected] within thirty (30) days of the date of purchase for a full refund, this applies to all FabSoft's shopping cart orders.