The Proximity Card Reader

proxcardProximity cards are mostly utilized by businesses to restrict access to specific areas within their infrastructure. With Modular Object Scanning Technology (MOST), employees with proximity cards can log into the MFP to access their documents waiting on the MOST server. This allows easy accessibility and on-demand retrieval of employee documents.

MOST seamlessly integrates with back-end databases and paper based or electronic workflows to provide on-demand access of documents and information at the MFP. MOST also integrates with archive systems, fax systems, and email systems to improve document processing and workflow capabilities through enhanced procedures from an MFP, desktop, or mobile device.

Implementing proximity card admittance with MOST will ensure that only authorized users can obtain and manage confidential company paperwork.

How Can The Proximity Card Authentication For MOST Benefit You?

  • Secure Authentication - Easily log in with one swipe activation and secure access to MFP functions by leveraging the Active Directory rather than the HID card system.
  • Integration With Existing Technologies - Leverage existing card integration.
  • Tracking User Printing & Usage - Track MFP usage based on the user that is logged onto an MFP.
  • Creating Preferences For Users - Restrict available features and functions to specific users or groups.

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