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File NameDownloadUser Manual
Universal Printer Driver icon-pdf
*Network Deployment Configuration icon-pdf

* Only needed when deploying to many workstations, this file can contain licensing information.



  • All components are built into the printer driver, no server needed.
  • Automatically installs as a 60-day full trial, a purchased is required to continue use after 60 days.
  • Sold as a yearly subscription, renew every year or purchase years in advanced. 
  • Sold per user, if the user has more than one computer only one license is needed assuming the user is on the same Microsoft Active Directory Domain.


ItemMSRP (per year) USDVolume DiscountPurchase
UPD 1-user license $68 0% Buy Now
UPD 100-user license $6,460 5% Buy Now
UPD 1,000-user license $61,200 10% Buy Now
UPD 5,000-user license $289,000 15% Buy Now

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What is XPS

Microsoft's new v4 driver technology uses the Microsoft XPS format, replacing the 25-year-old Enhanced Metafile (EMF) format. The XPS format is similar to a self-contained PDF file. Everything about the document such as fonts, images, and layout are all included in this one file. Each XPS document consists of a very organized structure that defines every aspect of the document. This new Microsoft XPS format is a huge improvement over the older EMF formats when it comes to portability and usability.

Starting with Windows 8, printing is processed via this new XPS technology. For backward compatibility with older printer drivers, Microsoft has added built-in converters to the operating system that convert XPS documents to EMF. Unfortunately, this additional step can cause conversion issues and printing delays depending on the layout, size, and color of the document. Drivers that work natively with the XPS format have fewer points of failure and improve future compatibility with printing applications.

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