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Document Connection for “Electronic Copy”

Optimize the business value of documents exchanged
in high-volume, recurring transactions.

Assume your company conducts 30 system-generated, electronic copy transactions per day.

If that transaction requires even 5 minutes of avoidable manual intervention – to find data on the document; to save, print, store, or retrieve the document; or to pass it on to someone else – SysConnect will save the company approximately $30,000 per year.

Connection Challenges for Electronic Copy

High-volume, system-generated and exchanged documents were supposed to provide seamless, fully automated transaction management.

What happened?

Challenges at Input
  • Many document sources, types, and formats are NOT compatible with downstream systems and processes.

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  • Limited downstream reusability of the electronic copy data based on Source, Type, or Format.

  • Inputs such as ERP systems, operating systems, print servers, and web applications are electronic, but often prevent reuse, such as print, reformatting, and sending to different workflow systems.

  • Typically, a high-volume, document with new data on each transaction. The form or document is static, but the data on every document is dynamic.

  • Not all system generated or received transactional documents are in a format to share with other systems in the rest of the transaction workflow.

Challenges for Capturing
  • Inability to truly capture document content.

  • Time and Money. Inefficient use of resources to process transactional documents.

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  • Inability to recognize, extract, or classify document content limits capture in a reusable format.

  • Inefficient document capture costs companies millions of dollars in unseen waste relating to data re-entry time, operational errors, and document storage and retrieval.

  • The higher the volume of transactions, the more document capture restricts scalability and growth of the business.

Challenges for Distribution
  • Unable to print, send, reformat, save, process, or store the data on transactional documents.

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  • Need to repurpose or reformat the document or data associated with the transaction for multiple downstream business purposes.

  • Many documents are not in an appropriate format for print and other device outputs.

  • Many electronic data streams are incompatible for operational use cases (ex., an Invoice from the accounting system that cannot be used to generate a Bill of Lading in a shipping system.)

Challenges for Managing
  • Inability to track and audit transactional use and compliance.

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  • When an electronic copy document is not CONNECTED, it is difficult to manage high volume transactions that occur in electronic systems that require downstream manipulation or rework.

  • Challenges in auditing overall transaction compliance, including the operational volume and compliance with procedures and regulatory requirements.

  • Challenges in tracking the operational volume and cost accounting relating to transactions.

SYSConnect Solutions
for Electronic Copy Documents

Powerful print driver technology creates real CONNECTION – to capture and distribute critical documents and data across the business, and then manage the flow of those transactions, regardless of the input source.

  • Maximize compatible input sources without programming custom interfaces.

  • Repurpose data from ERPs, Print and Scan Servers, Operating and LOB Systems, and Web Applications.

  • Automatically Recognize, Extract, and Classify transactional documents and embedded data.

  • Industry leading capability to capture data formats.

  • High quality capture and document integrity.

  • Variable Data Print

  • Send to ECM, Print, Email, Fax, File Sharing

  • Workflow designer

  • File conversion

  • Outbound form designer

  • Document Tracker

  • System health monitor

  • Activity monitor

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