Bubble Grading

Quick and Easy

Create Custom Sheets​


Bubble sheets are used frequently in educational settings for testing and grading purposes, but these types of forms are also used in business environments for timesheets, performance reviews, training and much more. This solution allows for the versatile customization of bubble sheet forms along with the production of detailed reports when applicable. The OMR form design WYSIWYG editor is extremely user-friendly and allows bubble forms to be printed from an MFP. If necessary, the user can auto-populate the forms with information from a database for different customers, clients, students, and other prospects. The OMR form design WYSIWYG editor allows leading industries to create and design professional looking bubble forms with ease. This feature is intuitive, innovative, and user-friendly to meet all form design needs within any industry. Example bubble forms can be anything from performance evaluationscompany attendance sheets, or timesheets.