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Superior Seafoods has been servicing the food industry for over 50 years. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve more than 2,000 customers throughout the Midwest in both retail and food service accounts, processing up to 360,000–400,000 forms a year. With such high volume, Superior Seafoods faced a number of challenges and inefficiencies when it came to effectively managing these documents. One of FabSoft’s Resellers, Applied Imaging, introduced Reform as a solution to alleviate these issues.

Superior Seafood Challenges

Superior Seafoods was printing their invoices to three-part forms on a dot matrix printer, bursting forms and collating them into routes. When the products were delivered, the customer would sign a Proof of Delivery (POD) to confirm receipt. All signed PODs would be collected and manually matched up to the manifest. If there were any credits or returns, they would have to be entered into AS400, printed and sent out. All copies of invoices and credits would be manually filed into file cabinets. If any of these documents needed to be referenced in the future, personnel would manually search through and retrieve them from the file cabinets.

Solutions Implemented by Superior Seafoods

With FabSoft’s Reform VDP, OnBase DMS, and copy machines, Superior Seafoods was able to simplify and streamline all of their processes. Now, Reform VDP captures the print stream from AS400, creates an electronic file for import, and prints the documents to the copy machines. Superior Seafoods is able to produce clear and professional-looking forms rather than using their old multipart forms and dot matrix printers. The two invoices that printed are a delivery receipt and a Proof of Delivery (POD) which both contain unique barcodes. The original text file is then automatically imported into OnBase DMS.

After the products are delivered and the Proof of Deliveries (PODs) are returned, they are scanned in to populate keyword values and automatically archive to OnBase DMS. The reason why keyword values are populated when a POD is scanned is that the keywords are used to search for the POD on the OnBase DMS. When handling credits or returns, they are added to an ERP. Once entered in, Reform VDP prints the forms and automatically sends to them OnBase DMS. Furthermore, DMS generates an exception report once a week which can be used to identify any missing documents. All supporting documents are cross-referenced or imported automatically.

Reform PDC Benefits For Superior Seafoods

  • Eliminated Multipart Forms – Save time and money using multipart forms and dot matrix printers
  • Implemented Copy Machines – High speed color printing produce enhanced, professional looking forms
  • Archive To OnBase DMS – Printed documents are bar coded, scanned, and imported to OnBase DMS
  • Instant Access & Keyword Search – Instant access to documents and keyword searches are now available
  • Saved On Storage Costs – Documents are achieved electronically eliminating the expense of storing documents in file cabinets
  • 100% Accuracy – Streamlined process reduces potentials of errors, increasing productivity and cash flow

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