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Document Connection for
"Hard Document” Transactions

Best total value on the market for secure print,
pull print, scanning, and tracking in an MFD fleet.

Won’t we stop using paper in our business?

Worldwide demand for printing and writing
paper was 99 million metric tons in 2018.

By 2030, that number will still be 90 million metric tons.

Connection Challenges for Hard Document

Hard documents should not be where transactions go to die. The historical challenge has been how to convert the “original” document to a useful format, circulate that valuable information to all the right places, and improve business performance.

Challenges at Input
  • Hard documents are still an essential part of transactions.

  • Our increasingly mobile workforce stores documents in a File Sharing System.

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  • MFDs and Scanners are the primary tools to input a hard document.

Challenges for Capturing
  • Hard documents contain a wide array of valuable content that can be difficult to capture – and terrible to lose.

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  • Companies need to capture the content on their transactional documents, including form fields, field entries, barcodes, and graphics.

  • When capturing hard documents, it is important to recognize the data source and extract document metadata.

Challenges for Distribution
  • Users need to output documents and send documents to more and more systems.

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  • Users need to scan documents to email, fax, file sharing systems, ECMs, and workflows.

  • Users need to securely print their documents in many company locations.

  • Users need to print from laptops and mobile devices.

  • Users need to print even when network is down.

Challenges for Managing
  • Companies lack visibility to the full spectrum of hard document connection, print usage, and costs.

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  • Difficulty isolating and addressing unnecessary print costs.

  • Lack of visibility to print volume across a mixed fleet of printers.

  • Time consuming print administration of privileges.

  • Lack of visibility to status of printers and printer types.

MFDConnect Solutions for Hard Document

MFDConnect converts hard documents into useful transactional documents. Whether printing, scanning, storing, or retrieving a document, that document and its data are available to the business.

  • Select files directly from Electronic File Sharing Systems.

  • Fully integrated scanning technology.

  • MFD Integrations with leading device manufacturers.

  • Metadata Capture

  • Data Source Recognition

  • Zonal Field Recognition

  • Barcode reader

  • Secure pull print retrieval from file sharing systems.

  • Secure pull print retrieval from desktop or mobile apps.

  • Scan to email, fax, file sharing systems, ECMs, and workflows.

  • Built-in print management, tracking, and reporting.

  • Device and user-level meter reading.

  • Centralized system administration tools.

  • Fleet Health Monitor

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Hard document Connection with MFDConnect is an important component of the overall document management solution.
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