FabSoft’s Technology Partners
Partnering with leading technology companies has strengthened our integration capabilities.

Hewlett Packard (HP)

Hewlett Packard (HP) has brought in new possibilities of expanding technology while helping businesses and organizations overcome various challenges such as document workflow and management. With HP’s MFP technology, FabSoft’s solutions become the ultimate business platform for enhancing processes.


FabSoft is grateful to have Xerox as a technology partner given their long-standing expertise in the business imaging and printing industry. Their devices are widely used throughout the world, and provide an ideal software environment for our workflow automation technology.


Over the years, Sharp has maintained a high standard in its production of printing and scanning devices. Their hardware is designed with the end-user in mind and truly compliment the intuitive nature of our Reform® technologies. 


FabSoft has established a strong relationship with Lexmark by integrating Reform PDC, our All-In-One Business Document Solution, on Lexmark’s best in class equipment. More..


FabSoft has established a strong relationship with Ricoh by integrating Reform onto Ricoh’s innovative equipment. Ricoh has honored FabSoft with awards such as “Developer of the Year” and “Above and Beyond”


Savin offers a full line of office equipment and are known for their reliable, high quality manufacturing. Our workflow technology can further strengthen the benefits of their hardware, and bring more value to a customer’s total solution package.

TEAM of Care​

TEAM of Care is the pioneer of active care management for healthcare. The company’s Technology-Enabled Active Management (TEAM) of Care platform is a comprehensive solution that combines an automated care coordination software platform, rules-based workflow algorithms for best practice care coordination, and advisory and delivery consulting services.


Founded in 1986, IRIS has become a worldwide leader in the OCR (optical character recognition) space. IRIS OCR software provides the perfect complement to the document capture component of Reform. We look forward to incorporating more of their powerful OCR tools into our solutions.


Being yet another manufacturer of quality printing and scanning hardware, we are glad to expand this technology partner’s software portfolio our fully embedded, robust workflow solutions.


FabSoft’s flagship solution, Reform PDC, has been engineered over the past decade to tightly integrate into the RightFax solutions within OpenText. By utilizing the advanced functionality of Reform, customers can leverage existing copy machines such as HP, Xerox, Lexmark, and Ricoh to scan directly into a RightFax solution.


etherfax is a leader in fax communications, their solution replaces the traditional phone lines by routing faxes through an internet connection. No more fax boards and recurring telephony fees.