Desktop Automation Driver

Experience the thrill of print driver automation. FabSoft’s Desktop Automation Driver allows users to configure and get their job done quickly. You can simultaneously send your print jobs to a printer and Email, Save as a PDF, Fax, or existing workflow, includes many different types of delivery options.

Who is it for?​

This driver is can be used in three different ways. First, if you print from a Windows application repetitively this driver will learn and automate the process. Second, if you need to send a print job to the same destination location this driver can ask the right question to route the document to the correct location or system. Third, if you place a PDF in a folder this application will learn and automate the process.

Real Benefits

No need to alter your
existing applications

The built-in wizard allows your users to automate any repetitive print job quickly. Since this special printer driver acts like existing drivers, you do not need to alter your existing applications. Improve the overall appearance of your documents, and continue to enhance their structure as your business needs evolve.

Speed Up Document

Manually processing documents is both tedious and time-consuming. In one fluid process, this special driver can intelligently take the data from a print job, extract and identify relevant information and then route this document to printers and many other devices at the same time.


Use this FabSoft Desktop Automation Driver to route documents into a workflow instead of printing the document. This Desktop Automation Driver driver can still send a copy to any printer if needed.​


Mistakes in data entry are common when document processes become prolonged and are rooted in manual processing. By utilizing our Desktop Automation Driver, it will reduce the possibility of human error and allow our technology to automate the workflow process quickly.


This driver can help with the first step towards a paperless office or the final step in your paperless transformation.

Print From Your Favorite Windows Application

To start the process just print to this printer driver like any other printer driver. This printer driver uses the latest Windows printing technology.

Send To Popular Connectors

Pick from a list of popular connectors. Each connector is designed for ease of use, reliability, and status checking.

Training Documents

In minutes you can train your documents. Once you have trained your documents the second time you print the document it will process automatically.


General Business Printing​

By using the advanced capture features this new driver can extract document information that contains both electronic and images in the same process. The Desktop Automation Driver has both engines vector and OCR that will be used to intelligently identify and extract important document information. In this example, a user will fill in an HCFA healthcare form and have it delivered to a folder structure. The extracted information will be placed in an XML file next to the PDF image.

Capturing Invoices

This video demonstrates printing from a line of business application and how quickly the information can be re-purposed. In this example, the invoice’s important information will get extracted and placed in an XML file along with a PDF file. This window print driver is using Microsoft new v4 XPS technology.


Upload to SharePoint Automatically Video

Upload documents automatically to SharePoint and control location file names and columns values. Using Robot Process Automation RPA this product will intelligently classify and extract important document information. Using Robotic

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