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SysConnect Provides Frank's Nursery & Crafts With Superior Document Management & Workflow

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Frank’s Nursery & Crafts, a national Home & Garden retailer located in Troy, Michigan, generated approximately 140,000 purchase orders a year. They used JDA software, running on AS400 and Windows NT systems. 10,000 Of these Purchase Orders were printed, folded, and mailed, and 130,000 were printed and faxed by the buyers. Copies that needed to be retained for future reference were being filed daily.

Frank's Nursery & Crafts Challenges

  • Faxed Purchase Orders require 24 – 30 hours to be delivered to vendors.
  • Entries that were manually created had to be referenced on the Purchase Order before being faxed to accommodate shipping time to vendors overseas.
  • There were no transmission records to verify if the Purchase Order was delivered successfully.
  • Faxing Purchase Orders caused many buyers to lose thousands of productivity hours.
  • Merchants manually retrieved Purchase Orders from a file cabinet to discuss or refax them when a vendor called with questions.
  • The Purchase Orders were stored in files for two years, unboxed, warehoused for an additional five years, and then shredded if irrelevant.

With FabSoft’s SysConnect, purchase orders changed and followed the same document workflow system. Also, it provided Frank’s Nursery & Crafts with a better document management solution that resulted in greater productivity, reliability, consistency, and thousands of dollars in savings. They have saved approximately $73,372.00 per year with the use of SysConnect.

Frank's Nursery & Crafts Benefits From SysConnect

  • Purchase Orders and changed orders are delivered instantly while being processed.
  • The administrator is notified by email if a Purchase Order is delivered unsuccessfully.
  • New reports detail the status of outbound deliveries via fax or email.
  • All Purchase Orders can be viewed immediately online and re-faxed directly from the desktop if needed.
  • The company receives cost savings by eliminating the cost of paper & toner, file cabinets, Purchase Orders, warehousing, and shredding documents.
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