Document Processing & Management

Automate your business workflow from any document application that uses recurring transactions. Over the years, this solution has grown from a variable data printing solution to a very powerful delivery solution that can deliver to any on-premises or cloud solution.

Formally named Reform

SysConnect is a powerful document process engine. It comes with many capture agents to capture documents from any type of application and operating system. After a document is captured, it can be altered, enhanced, separated, and delivered. SysConnect can scale to meet any demand.

Intelligent Capture Journey

Document Capture Journey

Line of Business applications

Over the 30 years, FabSoft has created agents to capture information from almost every line of business system on the market. SysConnect also has universal capture agents for custom solutions too.

Operating Systems

SysConnect comes with connectors for Windows, AS/400, Unix, Linux, Edge, Chrome, DOS, etc.


SysConnect includes powerful form overly functions to do the most sophisticated mail merge processes. It is so powerful there is no form that cannot be reproduced with SysConnect.


Rearranging documents based on information. There are many document types that need to be separated based on the information before delivery.


SysConnect can extract information from electronic (vector) and scanned (rasterized) documents. SysConnect comes with many advanced features to extract the most problematic information.


SysConnect can add intelligent objects to documents such as Terms and Conditions, Barcodes, Images, Coupons, Fonts, Colors etc.

Content Management Solutions

SysConnect makes it easy to get documents into on-premises and cloud solutions. By leveraging the easy submission options users can save time and errors by using SysConnect.

Automaton Platforms

Power Apps and open up 1000s of easy-to-use connectors to quickly integrate to almost any cloud solution using SysConnect as an on-ramp.

File Shares

Local file shares can be automatically created and organized. Cloud file shares can also be automatically created and organized with secure connections.


It is easy to automatically send documents by email. SysConnect has connectors to all email providers.


If printing is still needed as part of the workflow, SysConnect can print to all printers while controlling finishing.


A very powerful scripting engine is included for those very challenging situations.


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