Document Digitization - Scanning, Imaging, Printing

By leveraging your copy machines the MFDConnect can become a very powerful scanning and printing center that is fully integrated into your core business applications and processes.

MFDConnect is a scanning and printing solution that runs on a copy machine user interface. The interface is extremely intelligent to give the user the best experience. Configuring the MFDConnect is quick and straightforward. This solution has many predefined screens to help get up and running quickly. A powerful WYSIWYG designer allows IT to adjust or change the screens to meet even the most demanding workflows. The solution is used by small, just a few copy machines to the largest organizations with 1000s of devices.

Intelligent Capture Journey

Document Capture Journey

Content Management Solutions

MFDConnect makes it easy to get documents into on-premise and cloud solutions. By leveraging the easy submission options users can save time and errors by using MFDConnect.

Automaton Platforms

Power Apps and Make open up 1000s of easy-to-use connectors to quickly integrate to almost any cloud solution using MFDConnect as an on-ramp.

File Shares

Local file shares can be automatically created and organized. Cloud file shares can also be automatically created and organized with secure connections.


It is easy to send documents to the common email providers and it also includes universal connectors to send out documents.


If printing is still needed as part of the workflow MFDConnect can print to all printer types and control finishing.


There is sometimes a requirement for advanced configuration the SDK has been created for ease of use so even the beginner can create powerful connectors.


The management console will allow your admin to control and assign workflow to the entire company, groups, or users.


Using the management console administrators can control users’ workflows, settings, and security.


Assigning users to a group allows admins to control a large number of users.


Built throughout MFDConnect is security which includes SSL Keys and encryption to make sure only the intended users can see and process their documents.


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