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A prominent public school district with over 25 separate schools and over 3,500 employees manages thousands of document-related processes daily. Teachers utilize MFPs to complete all of their print, copy, and scan needs throughout the organization. With such a high volume of activity, users and administrators faced numerous challenges.

Teachers were required to print and copy at separate devices, requiring multiple trips to each device, leading to inefficient use. Print jobs were often collected by another teacher or misplaced. Additionally, costs were high due to a large amount of uncontrolled printing.

Solutions Implemented By The Public School System

After assessing the situation, FabSoft proposed a complete solution to the public school system. FabSoft installed 90 MFPs with MOST (Modular Object Scanning Technology), Tracker, Print To Me, and card authentication solutions. SysConnect addressed all the issues and made use of the MFPs more efficiently. With Print To Me, the day-to-day activities of faculty members were now streamlined and simplified.

Teachers could now send their print jobs to our SysConnect server and retrieve them at their earliest convenience. They could now walk up to any network-connected MFP and access a list of all their print jobs from the MFP screen. When a print job is selected, it prints directly to the MFP. This feature allows regular jobs to be retained for future use.

Additionally, if there is a long line of other users waiting to use the MFP, or the device is unavailable or offline, a teacher can just go to the next available device to retrieve their print jobs. To improve this process even further, the card authentication module was added. SysConnect’s user-maintained card access system allows for additional security at the MFP. Teachers can use their identification cards to log into their MFP of choice and access their print jobs.

The SysConnect solution also helped to reduce print-related costs. Since documents are only pulled and printed when a user is present at the MFP, personnel are more likely to reflect on the whether it is necessary to print out a certain document, and a user can review the print job details to make sure the correct number of copies are being printed out. From a security standpoint, the Print To Me’s card authentication feature protects the confidentiality of a user’s printed material since the employee will be immediately collecting their documents at the MFP station. 

FabSoft implemented the Tracker feature, which provides detailed reports on the printing activities of employees. With Tracker, administrators can evaluate users' printing habits and impose limits on certain accounts or MFPs.

The Total Solution Provided Several Benefits To The Public School System:

  1. Teachers can retrieve print jobs from any MFP within the network.
  2. Identification cards are used for logging into the MFP for enhanced security.
  3. Usage reports are generated so that administrators can evaluate print activity.
  4. Administrators can create rules to control usage by users or devices.
  5. Schools can significantly reduce costs now that they can analyze and control MFP use.
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